LOST Season Finale

<p>easter eggs!!!</p>

<p>There were a couple of things I saw wrong with the episode; I don't know if these are posted on other threads on the net, but yea....</p>

<p>First off, when Charlie shows his hand to Desmond the first time, the writing seems to be much lighter than it is the second time. </p>

<p>Secondly, when the plane is flying over Jack at the end, the grass isn't flying with the plane....it's just sitting/standing there...they need a better bluescreen technique. </p>

<p>If you guys watch the Lost Questions segment, the producers talk about how Lost is going to be about characters' past (all the flashbacks), the present (on the island), and their future (the flash-forward). I have a feeling that the next session will probably only have flash-forwards. </p>

<p>I must applaud Hurley...one of my favorite characters.</p>

<p>"As for who's in the coffin....I think it could be Sawyer -- he certainly had enough enemies in civilization, but....I'm not sure. "
I agree. He had no one back in the 'real' world... and, especially in that last episode, it was clear that Jack cared about Sawyer. If Kate found someone new (judging from her comment) and was still angry about the terrible way that Sawyer treated her the last time they met, it would make sense that she didn't go to his funeral.</p>

<p>I also agree that next season will be all flash-forwards.</p>

<p>Also, I read this theory in a newspaper's review of the finale: perhaps, other flashbacks weren't actually flashbacks- they were flashFORWARDS.</p>

<p>I also was confused by Jack's references to his father... and the fact that Kate was just moving about the country as she pleased (although it is possible that she was still on the run... this could explain why she was so nervous around him and so hesitant to meet in the first place... of course, this could also just be explained by the circumstances). One would think that the authorities would be waiting for her right after she got off of the plane. These things make me think that they might be in an alternate universe...</p>

<p>I don't think the other flashbacks could have been flash-forwards, unless they took place in an alternate universe. Some of the dead characters, such as Boone, Shannon, and Ana-Lucia had flashbacks, and some of the characters were noticeably younger than there are on the island in their flashbacks (like the one where Claire had the black wig on).</p>

<p>And the reason Kate could be free is that the jury thought that being stranded on an island for months was bad enough punishment and she got off.</p>

<p>I agree with Angljc1's theory</p>

<p>and if next season is all flash-forwards, that would be so confusing...</p>

<p>i actually don't think it will be all flashforwards. I think they'd either go back to flashbacks or intertwine the two. Now that would be confusing! (but hey, LOST has always been confusing!)</p>

<p>I think having flash forwards could be logical, though... think about it. The show's creators have really revealed all they can about the characters, right? Any more flashbacks would most likely be boring, add nothing to the storyline, and just be filled with superfluous connections between the characters. The characters' back stories have all be completed, basically. Almost all of the plotlines are resolved.</p>

<p>can anyone figure out what the black smoke is?</p>

<p>I think that the island is alive and the black smoke is one of the forms it can take.</p>

<p>I read a theory that another one of the forms it takes is Walt but I don't believe it.</p>

<p>I read that... the black smoke can "read" the thoughts of the islanders and take the form of things important to them... For example, Jack's father, the horse, Walt, etc.</p>

<p>Actually, this was in the official Lost "Answers" episode.</p>

<p>oh yeah i remember that, now. but i still cant figure how the hell it fits in. this show is so confusing</p>

<p>Jacob is 'the island'. Jacob can take the form of essentially anything.</p>

<p>great episode...can't wait for season 4</p>