LOST Season Finale

<p><3 It's just started. Less than ten minutes and I'm already in rapture. Such a good show. =]</p>

<p>Hopefully it won't be as bad as Heroes.</p>

<p>omg I'm so lost now lol. There was a flash-forward-back? I felt so bad for Desmond though. That sucks, he was right there.</p>

<p>I'm pretty confused too. That last thing was a flash-forward? So why did scruffy looking Jack refer to his father who is supposedly more drunk than he is? Is his dad still alive?
Anyone know if they're putting it on abc.com?</p>

<p>I predicted the flash-forward =P</p>

<p>But... it's too simple. The show's ending in 2010. They aren't just going to get off of the island. That flash-foward isn't the whole story...</p>

<p>Well I THOUGHT it was a flash forward lol. Im not really sure. Kate was in it, and he was saying about how they both needed to go back somewhere. This happened right after they got in contact. I seem to remember that Kate and Jack had no prior relationship of any kind before the plane crash.</p>

<p>I have a theory....remember, you heard it here first....</p>

<p>I think that the real Jack, Sawyer and Kate were sent back to "civilization" during the time they were abducted earlier this season. </p>

<p>And the Jack, Sawyer, and Kate on the island are clones / replicas / pod people / what have you. </p>

<p>Jack doesn't know about the replicas. He only knows that the rest of the group (Hurley, Sayiid, Claire, Charlie etc.) are still trapped on the island and he's been trying to find them ever since -- who knows how long it's been. That's why he has all of the maps in his apartment and flies so often, hoping to crash on the same island again and find the rest of the survivors. </p>

<p>As for who's in the coffin....I think it could be Sawyer -- he certainly had enough enemies in civilization, but....I'm not sure. </p>

<p>As far as Walt goes...I think the island itself is sentient / alive, but it needs to take a 'form' in order to communicate (otherwise, it's the smoke monster) and Walt was just a familiar 'form' that it knew Locke would trust. </p>

<p>That's my take on it at least! :)</p>

<p>Okay, yeah. I am...confused.</p>

<p>But god, if the man in the coffin's Sawyer, I will cry.</p>

<p>What I was confused about, though, was why the hell Charlie locked himself in the room.</p>

<p>Charlie was completely convinced that Desmond can see the future and that, in order for what Desmond saw to come true (Claire and Aaron being rescued), he - Charlie - had to die.</p>

<p>So he did it to make sure it came true and that Claire was rescued.</p>

<p>My theory on the show which has proven itself a number of times.</p>

<p>The show is based on a experiment(Darmah initiative) to calculate the time that humans will eventually kill themselves off. The experiment is calculated with All of those Special Numbers that just represent different variables in this mathematical equation for calculating the end the quation is called the vanzetti equation, The experiment is funded by the Hanso foundation which is determined to find a way to prolong the human race, along with a number of very advanced weapons systems., using the equation i mentioned above. </p>

<p>In the show you see a lot of physics books by Stephen hawking's along with other very famous physicists. The reason for this is that advanced physics and math is used to get past the constraints of the space time continuum. The writers of the show have clearly stated that the passengers of oceanic flight 815 are someplace in the space time continuum and are alive, they are not ghosts or anything else. It is then believed that with the massive advances in physics with topics such as general relativity and quantum mechanics, along with string and dimension theories, that possibly if we were to warp the space time continuum enough we could then transfer and teleport to another place in the space time continuum. This stuff gets pretty deep and if you are interested I really recommend the book called the elegant Universe.</p>

<p>I think the person i the coffin was Locke, think, he had no family, no friends, and in the end, he was right about not leaving the island, that is why Jack is so upset, he didn't listen to him and it turns out he was right all along. I think sawyer is with kate in the 'future', like when kate said something to the effect of "he'll start to worry", that would also explain why jack is in a mess, because he loves kate.</p>

<p>The part where Hugo comes crashing down to the beach in the van was so awesome lol.</p>

<p>The coffin was tiny though... Maybe Locke gets an amputation?</p>

<p>yea, it was kinda small. hmm...that complicates things.</p>

<p>To sort of go off of what Zorz was saying</p>

<p>On the island they were in some sort of time/space warp and when they went made it off the island they went into another universe, dimension, time/space thing or whatever than their own. Remember when jack mentioned his father twice; the first time when he had a prescription by him and a second time when he told the new doctor "if you go get my dad, he'll ill bet you he's drunk than I am". Additionally, Kate was arrested for murder and was a highly pursued internationally by the Marshal's, so I doubt they would let her off and give her a brand new Volvo to drive around in.
So my theory is that when they went back they went back to a place where Kate was no longer a fugitive, jack's dad wasn't dead and probably a bunch more differences. Furthermore the place/dimension the new girl with the phone came from is the one that they are at now and in that dimension everyone on flight 815 died.
Maybe every 108 one moment they make phase through a new dimension unless those #'s were typed into the computer and when they didn't type the #'s in it caused them to leave their dimension and go to the one they are now.
Plus, this whole time/space thing would explain Desmond's premonitions cause maybe when he turned the key he did go into the future and then brought back and he only remembers parts of what he went through.
The time would also explain why the native inhabitants don't age, and why Jacob is invisible, he may exist in numerous dimensions, which makes him appear invisible, maybe.</p>

<p>But I definitely know the time/space they are in now is not their own.</p>

<p>I also think that the person in the coffin was Ben, he was probably brought back with the rest of them and once he went back to the island his cancer came back and he died.</p>

<p>The person in the coffin is 'Jeremy Bantham'. Wikipedia if you wish.</p>

<p>what? </p>


<p>As I said, look it up</p>

<p>I did its some old guy with white hair.</p>