Low GPA Sophmore and Junior Year! Am I screwed?

Hello all, Long story short after unusual circumstances concerning staff at my school, I fell into a lackadaisical period and my GPA suffered because of it. (1.5) However, I have a 1200 SAT score and i’m attending a new school starting this fall? But is it too late to go to a good 4 year? If so, should I just go to a community college then transfer?

High School performance, and course rigor, is the most important college admissions factor. A standardized test score isn’t going to offset a full year of challenging grades, if that’s what you’re looking for. At best you’ll have 1 semester of grades senior year to submit, after the application is in.

Unless your HS has an odd grading scale, 70.95 is borderline C/D. Depends how you define a “good” school, but it will be challenging, especially with no extenuating circumstances.

That doesn’t meaning there aren’t schools out there for you. My friend’s brother was told after Junior year that he probably wouldn’t get into college, but he found one he liked and was accepted.

If you do well first semester senior year and submit some strong essays, followed up by a visit and good interview, you could get in.

If you maintain most As and Bs starting now and keep up your grades first semester senior year, you have a shot at a 4-year college, but it’s going to be challenging. Retake the test, because the higher the score the better your odds. You need all the proof you can get that you can do the work.
Make sure that senior year you take Precalculus, Honors English, one more level of the Foreign Language you started freshman or sophomore year, a history, and a science class.
What classes are you taking this year? What grades are you getting?