Low gpa student strategies ?!?! [international, 2.9? GPA]

Hey everyone! International student here. I am from nepal and here’s my story

So my i am high school senior. I graduated high school with gpa of 2.9. So we have like class here;
I have 3.6, 3.9, 2.9, 2.9 in grade 9, 10, 11, 12 respectively. The reason of low grade in high school was carelessness.
My Sat will be something like 1500 plus assuming how i am getting consistent 1550 plus.

My question was should I even bother writing essays and LORs? Or should I commit to low ranked university which waive tution fee for 1500 plus sat scorer.

Any strategies that you recommend?
Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Btw my essay goes like this;
?! Formed a computer club in school and remained president for two years
?! One research is published on international journal site
?! Member of founding team of a social club which was recognized by metropolitan mayors for social welfare
?! Many club volunteers
?! Played district level cricket
?That’s itttt

First, you may want to wait a while (more than 10 mins) before bumping a post.

Now, regarding your question: if I understand correctly, you’re looking for schools that will provide full tuition (or maybe what you’re really looking for is full cost?).

There are very few schools that will provide full tuition/full ride to an international student, and they’re all very hard to get into. Unfortunately none of them will be realistic with the GPA and profile you have listed. The SAT score by itself won’t be sufficient, especially because most schools are test-optional these days.

My suggestion is to consider suitable choices in your home country.

Good luck.


The odds are against you. Your GPA is low, and moreover has a downward trend without any compelling explanation. Are you full pay? If not, that’s another strike against your chances. Therefore I’d advise committing wherever you can get in, which sounds like the school you mention.


I’m not sure those schools exist. Most schools that offer free tuition also have an gpa requirement. Even if you did get full tuition waived you would still have to pay room and board, medical, travel, books, etc. How much can you afford to pay?


5k per year and If everything goes well.earning 5-10k in oncampus job

Any specific school names that I should shortlist?

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Yes and no. My EFC is 5-10k and I could earn some there too considering incampus jobs


U.S. colleges are very expensive. Cost of attendance ranges from roughly $40k-90k per year, so $10-15k will only scratch the surface.

More importantly: you will not get a student visa without showing adequate funds to cover all four years of college. You cannot rely on expected future earnings at on-campus jobs.

And can you elaborate on “yes and no”?


I agree with the advice to focus on your home country.

There are safeties for me. With good essay I should shot for t100 and I will apply to those uni which gives automatic full tution for 1500 plus sat scores

There are none. No job prospect and life crisis here is real deal. Any university you recommend which have less coa or where I could get the tution fee waived beacuse of my sat scores

Look at Berea College. That is probably your best shot at a U.S. school.

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How so? Could uou further elaborate on how berea college could my best fit?
Do they accpet the student with such low gpa?

There are no safeties in the US for an international student seeking significant financial aid. The schools I know of that give significant aid for SAT > 1500 also have GPA requirements. Which schools do you think are safeties for you? We can provide more clarity if you list some.


How does 3.6, 3.9, 2.9, 2.9 average to 2.9? (However, the downward trend is generally unfavorable.)


This is the reddit thread I could find

So It’s over?

Berea College Scholarships for International Students 2023-2024 | Scholars4Dev.

I have no personal experience with Berea College, but you should research further.

They do offer more opportunities for international students than most schools, but they’re not an easy school to get into. Their overall acceptance rate is around 30%, and likely lower for international applicants.


All the schools listed there have a high GPA requirement. Plus you have to show proof of finances to get your visa.