Loyola Maryland EA Class of 2025

Okay, hoping others will join in here! My husband and I are both Loyola Maryland alums (feel free to ask questions). Our S21 applied EA. He’s already been accepted to a few other schools. But Loyola Maryland is his top choice.

EA decisions are usually released around 12/17 or 12/18. Now that it is finally December, I am getting super antsy. :slight_smile:

Let the countdown wait begin!


My son applied EA, but we haven’t been able to visit. Wondering about the school vibe. We are not catholic. My son like sports, but is not a jock. He’s a nice kid and I’d like him to be a place with other nice kids! Any feedback is appreciated. TY

Same here! My daughter applied EA and we were wondering if they ever notify early.

Loyola doesn’t have a football team. But it’s known for lacrosse. Which isn’t surprising as all of Maryland has been serious about lacrosse for ages. So you have some jocks around. And the lax game against Johns Hopkins is a big deal rivalry each year because the schools are within walking distance of each other. Back when I went there, nobody I hung out with was a jock. But we went to a lot of the various games.

When my older son applied two years ago, EA decisions were released on the same day at the same time. Emails were sent out letting the kids know ahead of time. It was 12/17 or 12/18 at 6pm for him.

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Their admissions site says decisions will be released in mid-January. Is this new? Do you think they will release around Dec 17-19 like they have in the past?

They did with my older son in Dec 2018 (and previous years according to older CC threads). And according to last year’s thread here on CC, they did as well. So I would imagine it would be the same this year.

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Hope so! Good luck!

My S19’s EA acceptance did. So I would assume it would be the same this year.


Decisions coming today at 4p according to an email S21 received.

Yep! S21 texted me a screen grab of the email. He is upstairs in his room doing school and I am downstairs doing work. Not sure either of us will get much done between now and 4pm ET!

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I was accepted and received the Deans list scholarship.


My son was admitted with presidential and legacy scholarships. There are officially three Hounds in our house! :blush:


Son was admitted with Dean’s scholarship ($27K) we’ll see what he wants to do but it’s going to be $12K more each year than his top choice offer that also came today. Congratulations to all who got good news and good luck to everyone!


My Daughter was accepted dean’s list!!

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My son was accepted and received the presidential scholarship!


My son was admitted and received the Dean’s scholarship!

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S21 admitted with Dean’s and Magis scholarships!

Deleted some comments - wrong school.

Good luck to all!

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My son was also accepted - he received the presidential and magis scholarships so we are definitely considering. I like the size and proximity to DC and not too far from NYC. He’s in the business school and wants to work in a big city. Now the tough part - will we ever get to visit before making a decision?1?! We live in California. Hoping things improve so we can make a fully informed decision. Any rugby players on this thread? Sounds like they have a solid program.

Another question is the honors program. Are students applying to that program in order to have more scholarship opportunity or more rigorous coursework or both? I’m just curious for those of you legacy families how much more advantage there is to being placed in Honors.

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My son was admitted with Presidential scholarship. He has applied to the honors program @college_cal. I don’t think he would get more $ but there are some good perks and enhanced opportunities. I think at a small school like Loyola it might be less important but he sent in his application so we will see.


Anyone get their Fin Aid package yet?