Loyola Marymount University Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

@Kaira_Gupta That’s great! What country are you from? My son is looking forward to meeting students from around the country and around the world!

@katie15 When we visited there were no students on campus. Did you get an impression of the student body when you were there? Friendly? Social–like hanging out and talking to each other and not just standing around alone on their phones? :joy: etc.

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When we were there we didn’t see that many students walking around, it was fairly quiet. We were wondering where the hustle and bustle was. We visited around lunchtime and a few food trucks had pulled up, thats when we saw some more activity. This is our 4th child going to college and I was honestly expecting a busier scene like at other schools our kids attended. We also visited Chapman University later that day and there were many more students out and about socializing with one another.

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My son applied as EA as well. We actually were in their first in person campus tour (after Covid, in september). We were very impressed by the school! Hope to hear something soon!

Does anyone know when EA decision will be released?

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That’s interesting. I wonder where they all were? Hopefully at the library studying diligently, in class, or socializing in their dorms…

I read last year’s LMU Early Decision/Action forum and it was the Friday before winter break. This year, that would be December 17.


if anyone is comfortable sharing, i’m curious what other applicants’ stats are

My daughter applied EA, 3.95UW, 4.05W, 1290 SAT superscored, two AP tests scores of 4, good ECs leadership etc & good essays, 5 APs total and 3 dual enrollment classes.

Last year our D applied EA. Seven APs but didn’t send any scores. 3.8 unweighted 4.6 weighted GPA. Ballerina with 25 plus hours a week of training plus performing, editor in chief of school yearbook plus other ECs. Big public high school in the Midwest. Top ten percent in class. Didn’t send ACT or SAT. Applied as a poli Sci major.

Was accepted with largest merit. I think $30k. Direct admit to their honors college so didn’t even have to write those essays.

We didn’t get to visit. Covid was an issue. In April, the only option was to still just drive around campus. They said we wouldn’t even be allowed to get out of our car! I feel like she would have liked it and it was a great opportunity but, without being able to visit in person, she couldn’t choose it.

Good luck to all! If you’re curious about other kids who applied and their stats, you can look at the thread from last year.

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My son applied EA to a humanities major. His stats are:
3.8 UW GPA
Not submitting standardized tests
5 AP
3 Dual enrollment courses
2 varsity sports
Pretty good EC’s but no leadership roles. Over 100 volunteer hrs.
Public high school from rural area

@homerdog Thanks for this background information. It’s really helpful to see how things worked out for your daughter last year. We also toured LMU when the campus was empty, by car, after being told we were not to exit the car at any point. S22 still really loved the campus itself but we will probably have to make a return visit if he gets in. Where did your daughter end up?

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She’s at Colgate. In the end, she was deciding between Davidson, Lehigh, Boston College and Colgate. :grinning:

Not getting any palm trees there!

@homerdog Oh wow, all fantastic choices. Glad she ended up at Colgate and is happy. That’s such a good school.

I’m from India! we might be underrepresented at LMU though, not a lot of people from my country apply here. I’m super excited for decisions to come out and hopefully get in and connect with everyone! good luck to your son :slight_smile:

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That’s wonderful! Good luck to you too!

New thread for LMU EA class of 2026 created.
See you all there

My daughter was just accepted ED 2 days ago to LMU SFTV for fall of 2022. She is sooooooo excited, as am I!


Wow, I congrats! I thought decisions wouldn’t be out until mid - DEC.
Do you mind sharing stats.

Please share stats

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3.8, no test, 4 years of video production in school (including a couple of awards), captain of HS soccer team senior year, other extracurricular sports and some volunteering as well. She also attended LMU’s PreCollege film program this past summer. GREAT professors.

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Misa1 - ED decisions are usually declared by Dec 1 and EA by mid to late Dec

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