Southern Methodist University Early Action / Early Decision for Fall 2023 Admission

This year, the Early Action (EA) / Early Decision (ED) deadline for the Southern Methodist University is November 1.

List your unweighted GPA, any SAT /ACT scores, and ECs. What majors are you going into?
Ask your questions, the CC community is here to help!

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What is the expected timeframe for Early Action applicants to receive decisions? I think it says EA should come in by December 31st, but I am wondering if anything will come sooner – like the 15th. Just curious.

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In years past, SMU has released early action decisions mid December. Last year around Dec. 17th I think.

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Does anyone know about EA decision dates? I heard some EDs found out already. Not sure if this is true.

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Our son received his early decision admission yesterday (12/9). Yay!!

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My son heard about his ED decision on 12/2 - happy that he got in!

Congrats! Did the acceptance come by Email, mail or just portal check.

Did anyone that was accepted ED apply to Cox? Any Cox decisions yet? Congrats!!!

Thanks! He received an Email that said to check the portal.

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My son heard from Cox on Friday the 9th (did not get in, so he will be in Dedman)

hey if you don’t mind, what were his stats?

These acceptances are truly ED and not EA, right? We are waiting on EA.

B+ 1300 SAT two AP classes this year and sports. So Cox was a reach and we were not surprised but happy that he got in to the school as a whole

thanks for letting me know! yep cox is a reach for most, great school but hard to get in. but congrats to your son to getting into smu.

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My daughter applied EA to Cox. We haven’t heard yet. So, I’m guessing they’ll let us know on Friday. Anyone heard? Is it usually on a Friday?

called and checked, they said most likely this friday the 16th, latest would be the 22nd if there is any delay, but from tmrw the 14th to the 22nd is their time period


Did anyone get a postcard from your Admission Officer saying “reach out to me with any questions”? We’re EA and still waiting.

@mavian I think my daughter got that. I know she met her AO when the AO came to her high school. SMU recruits pretty heavily at her particular HS, and it’s not uncommon for b/w 10-25 students from her HS to attend SMU. My daughter’s test scores are pretty good, so … maybe …

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We attended Mustang day. I don’t think we met the AO. I just wish they paused this kind of mailing in mid-December. At least until they release the EA decisions.

TCU released EA this evening. My D23 was accepted to scholars with some money, which was nice. It’s not easy waiting on these results.

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