Southern Methodist University Early Action / Early Decision for Fall 2023 Admission

That’s nice! Congratulations! We got a deferral from TCU, I think because we’re Test Optional. My daughter has highest rigor and top level EC but she just doesn’t want to take tests. It says to submit extra material like test scores. I’m going to let my DD decide

Any updates on EA decisions being released today?

Just got this in the mail today. I wonder if this means decisions won’t be until the end of the month.

It’s not letting me update but it’s a post card from his admissions counselor.

Admissions office told us via phone EA would start coming out “this weekend through next week”. Now that could have been a student so who knows. Seemed strange that they would start coming over weekend.

My son received a similar post card from admissions officer.

Does anyone know if there is a certain time of day decisions are posted?

Wishing everyone best of luck!

That does seem odd. Particularly releasing them at different times but maybe they are releasing by region?

USC usually releases over the weekend. Also, if they are trickling out, it may be that they want to see what their yield is looking like. Just a thought.

My older child first learned of his SMU acceptance the old-fashioned way: with a big envelope in the mail. He received it on a December 17th (three years ago). But maybe that was just because he was so chill about the whole process and wasn’t checking online. More chill than my daughter this year. Or me.

Just remembered—probably more to the point that the admissions advisers are allocated by region. So if they have responsibilities for getting stuff out, then that could explain the timing be somewhat different.

Son just got accepted to Dedman. OOS 3.9 UW Test Optional 7 APs

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Are EA decisions out?

No, and I apologize profusely. My son sent me a text and he was kidding. Geesh!!!
EA decisions are not out yet. Again, really apologize to everyone. Good luck to everyone!

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Tuesday, 12/17/20, for University EA release

Last year it was 12/17 starting just before 7:00 p.m. CST

I’m going with tonight at 7:00 for EA release. Good luck everyone. I have two kids at SMU that love it.

For those that applied to Cox, those decisions typically come about a week later.


My son just got email saying the goal is to have EA posted at 7 pm tonight.


That’s hilarious - playing on all the tension of these pending announcements! Well played by your son. He got me too!

Hope he gets the tea announcement soon! The stress on our kids about hyper competitive college admission process is more than they should have to handle. Good luck to y’all!

OMG he scared me, got all of us too! at least its confirmed now at 7pm cst

do you know how those cox decisions arrive?

I just want to reiterate that the email received from admissions said the GOAL was 7 pm tonight. Hopefully that’s correct!


Can you share what region you are in? We just got the post card so I’m thinking NY admissions might be released later.