Loyola vs IU Vs UIC vs UIUC vs NSU

HI There,
My C has secured admission into following for Fall 2021
Loyola - Pre Med
IU -Pre Med
UIC -Pre Med
UIUC - Pre Med
NSU- BS/DO direct program
All of them comes down to same cost except FL is not local. What would you suggest to accept, given her aim is to become a doctor.

Did she get into honors for any of these schools? What is she looking for? Big, small, city, rural…

How easy is it do research or shadowing? I think Loyola Chicago has it’s own hospital. That’s appealing.

Yes, Honors everywhere too. Prefers City but not a big deal.

You might have better luck in the Med School forums.

The general consensus for med school is GPA and MCAT’s matter most. It doesn’t matter where you went for your undergraduate degree. Minimizing costs is also important since med school is so expensive.

I would look at the honors programs and see how they specifically help pre-med students. Does the school have “weed-out” classes? Sometimes being a big fish in a small pond is good.

Our family really liked the Loyola Chicago campus. S20 had it on his short list for business. They seem to be strong for pre-med.

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