Lums 2020 admission

Hey everyone, Ive applied to SDSB and MGHSS. I have 2A* s and 6 As in my O’levels and 3 Bs in my Alevels with a SAT score of 1300. What are my chances?
Plus any update on second round of offers? Ive heard a few acceptances have gone out and would like to know the credentials of those accepted soley for dil ka sukoon( Maybe agitation) who knows ?

same. waiting for the second batch of second-round offers to roll out soon. your credentials are looking pretty good. people with 1220 have been accepted. don’t know what’s taking them so long.

@neha1255 but i friend of mine with 1370 score got rejection…

Still trying to figure out LUMS selection criteria …ajeeb hai yaani

people (so far 3) with 1420/1370/1300 something and straight A(s) in O and A levels were rejected. they were gap year students tho and applied to SSE. i dont understand what LUMS is upto honestly.