Hi guys,
I was hoping if someone could tell me my chances of getting into LUMS. I got 5A*s 3As and 1B (urdu) in o levels. A 1930 in my dec sat though i’m taking it again in january. And i performed really bad in my A2 mids term examination because of the SAT. I didnt get the result yet but they’re probably going to be Bs or Cs. So what do you think? Are mod terms important?

I think you have a good shot. LUMS reps said a score of 1600 or over on the SAT would be safe so you should be fine.

@Craycray‌ What are your AS grades? They matter a lot. A2 midterms shouldn’t really matter.

i didnt give AS but i got 2As 2Bs in A1finals.

What chance do i have?! I have a 1860 and my AS are all A* and my o levels all As with 6 A *! Tell me if I have a shot?

@Craycray Fine result, honestly.
@didi254 If people like you don’t have a chance, I don’t know who does. :wink: