LUMS Fall 2019 Admissions (Mega-Thread)

Hey Guys!
I have seen that there is no proper thread for discussions regarding this year’s LUMS applicants. Hence, I have made this thread for everyone’s convenience.
You Are Welcome :slight_smile:

Hey there! Glad you started this thread. A gap year student here so freaking out waiting for the decision.

Hey any idea whats the average SAT score this year?

What is my chance with 1210 SAT score, abc in AS-Levels and 1A*, 5As, 4Bs in Olevels with plenty of extracurricular activities?

Last year the average SAT was 1300 and O levels 8 As as written on their website.

Btw any idea if a gap year negatively affects your admission decision?

Do people with a second round offer have a lesser chance of getting in?

No they don’t its just your acceptance may come a few days later than those who applied first round and that’s it.

Have acceptances started coming in?

I think they’ll start in the first week of April. I applied in mid-January and the suspense is killing me! I keep refreshing my portal all day long lol

I don’t think that the acceptances have started coming in. I guess they’ll start in April. I have applied and the silence right now is killing me.

@maleehaslays which school have you applied to?
ps.the suspense is killing me tooo…

Haha I’m on a gap year so you have no idea what the wait is doing to me.

Got 95℅ in matric, 90℅ in FSc and 1240 in December sat.My chances of getting in sdsb.Any idea??

I applied to sdsb and the school of humanities.
what about you? Also, what were your credentials?

i got a 1320 on my SAT
8A*s and one A in olevels
3As and a B in AS level

@maleehaslays what about you?
I have applied to SDSB as well

I got a 1120 on SAT
95% matriculation
80% FSC part 1

you applied to SDSB only?

@maleehaslays only
BTW nice scores!MashaAllah