LUMS Fall 2020 Admissions (Mega-Thread)

Hey Guys!
I have seen that there is no proper thread for discussions regarding this year’s LUMS applicants. Hence, I have made this thread for everyone’s convenience.
You Are Welcome :slight_smile:

What are your credentials? I am also wondering if I stand a chance I have 1200 sat score 18 essay and 92% in matric and 91% in FSc part 1 ? Applied in SBASSE and mgshss .

Olvl: 6a*,4a, As lvl: 4a, Sat:1370
I’m also applying to sbasse.

Yeah I think you have a decent chance.your matric scores are great.
Btw have you already applied or are you still making your application ?

My application is almost complete going to submit around 13 jan , sbasse test matters alot . What is your second preference?

Mine is mgshss( economics stream ) 2nd preference

Mine is sdsb.
How are you going to prepare for the sbasse test and are you giving it in Lahore ?

Hey guys
I got 1350 in SAT 1 as for SAT 2 I screwed up a little and got 740 , 670 and 640. I have 4A*s and 2As in o level and 3Bs in AS. Do you think I have a chance in Lums with these grades?

Madmax78 you will definitely get in dont worry

Shafay7 yeah i am giving SBASSE test in Lahore , I am using sat 2 books specially barrons and magraw hills

i have 1350 sat1 score, 1A* 4A n 3B in olevels and b,c in AS n giving 3 subject as composite in a2. have applied for sdsb as 1 preference n economics as 2. so what are my chances of getting in?

You have decent sat score you will get in SDSB

thankx inshallah

also for sm1 who is relying on nust admision as their 1 priority n if they get admission in lums on a conditional base, so is it necessary for them to accept n pay the dues before the deadline or it would be refundable once sm1 opts to choose another uni over lums in august?

Yes you can go for nust ,well it is necessary to pay the fees to lums before deadline to secure your seat if not it will be given to the waitlisted students.

Heyy I have 7A* and 1A in IGCSE, SAT 1360 and 3 As in AS but my third subject is urdu. Do they accept urdu as a principle subject?

I got 4A*, 3As and 2Bs in olevels and a 1490 sat 1 and 760,750 and 680 in sat2. I didnt give AS is that going to be a problem? Applying for computer science and second option econ maths

as far as i know urdu as a 3 subject is not a problem in lums

can sm1 plz list all the documents that need to be mailed to lums office before 31

In the extracurricular activities have you guys just written the name of said activity OR have you described the entire role/time spent/generaldescription etc ?