LUMS second round of offers 2020

I applied for second round of admissions . My first choice is SSE. I got 8 As & 1 B in O levels and ABCD in A Levels . My SAT was 1340 with a 16/24 in my essay. What are my chances of getting accepted ? And when will they disclose the decision expectedly?

With a good SBASSE test score, you have a really decent chance of getting in. The wait’s terrible but for the second round, the decisions usually start coming somewhere in early-mid May uptil even the later-mid of June. This time around, things might be different so nobody rlly knows atm

You’ve got great O Levels grades (a little better than mine), and your A Levels meet the minimum requirement for LUMS. Your SAT score is decent too. I’m not a science student so I don’t know how different admission is for SBASSE, but I’d say you’re looking pretty good.

@CathPalug what are your credentials?

Chance me,
5A*s 2As 1B
3As at alevels
1280 sat score (ik I messed up)

Don’t be afraid to crush my tender soul

I’ve applied for business school in lums. I wasn’t able to give my march SAT as it was cancelled due to coronavirus. I got 80.6 in grade 11th. 85 in grade 10th, making at aggregate of 83.6. I’m in second round offers. what are my chances