Mac RD 2024

Anyone hear anything on RD from the Mac?


We had heard mid to late March

Aren’t the notifications supposed to come on like the 9th of March?

Around then. It could be Sunday the 8th. The past two years, they came out of the second sunday of the month

Okay, thanks for that

My son heard from a Mac coach that it will be Sunday evening.

So tomorrow is the day huh?

I guess so. Good luck to everyone!

Good luck everyone

Hopefully everyone will hear good news Tomorrow, assuming it is tomorrow of course.

Anyone have any idea when the decision comes out?

Likely to be at 12pm pst, if it comes today.

Last year I think they released decisions at noon.

Haha is there a reason we think it’s coming today? Watch it just not.

One of the coaches at Mac told me it comes out today. Good luck everyone!

Ahhh I’m so nervous!

Accepted! No scholarship though.

Congrats on the acceptance, Bummer on the scholarship. I assume that will heavy effect your decision.

Accepted w/ the $22,000/year DeWitt Wallace Distinguished scholarship! Kinda wack, ends up cheaper for me than the state schools I’ve gotten into so far