Macalester College Class of 2023 RD

Hello everyone! Since there are currently no threads for Mac RD this year, I might start one. Good luck guys!

It’s funny to have not any response this year :slight_smile: Well does Mac provide scholarships based on merit in recent years?

yes, there are small merit scholarships. I

@zninjamonkey IC thanks!

Last year decisions came out on the 11th which was a Sunday, so this Sunday(the 10th) seems like a good guess of them releasing decisions right?

I am expecting the same

It might be one of the earliest releases @thescreennameis

yeah, exciting and scary. Good luck!

Now you people have me expecting… why did I come to this thread

Based on 2018, I think it will be Sunday 17th (Spring break Sunday). Mac started a week later this year.

yeah maybe, but also apps were still due at the same time and ED2 released same time. My guess would be that it would be more likely they release based on review time, not spring break(at least I hope), but maybe not.

Has anyone heard anything?

Decisions are out! I was waitlisted by, hey, I have a really good back up plan!

Waitlisted! :’-)

Lol I got waitlisted, I didn’t do the optional essay on why Macalester though bc I applied just for kicks so I wonder if that influenced it

Do you guys plan on accepting the waitlist offer?

I probably won’t, I got into University of Rochester last week and I think I’d rather attend there, I’m from MN and don’t wanna stay here.

DS accepted with $20,000 DeWitt Wallace scholarship and really nice need-based aid package as well.

Darn I got waitlisted. I guess that’s better than a rejection.

Accepted with $25k DeWitt Wallace! I’m so happy!