Major blunder!please advice :(

<p>FML FML.I sent an email asking some questions to Yale.Then stupid me copied and pasted the same email and sent it to some other colleges as well.Guess what?The email had the name "YALE" in it!
What do i do??Major freaking out right now.I just got an email back from one of the other colleges correcting my mistake.
Have i completely messed up my chances at all the other colleges(*very prestigious ones that too)?? :(
Please advice..</p>

<p>Well id suggest you change your email address for college apps!</p>

<p>The adcoms get a lot of emails everyday. Im sure they must have forgotten replying to you already.
If they search for past correspondence theyll search by email address.</p>

<p>and seriously even if they do find out that youre the same person they most probably wont negatively factor that into the application..</p>

<p>But,its the same email that i use at collegeboard.Wouldnt that be a problem?Do you think they'll check the emails I have sent them when they're reading my application?Because ive read somewhere that they are interested in the 'interest you show in the university'.Does that mean that they keep the mails you have sent as a record?Am i deeaaad?Or should i change my collegeboard account?Is that even possible?Id rather look at other alternatives though and keep that as a last option for obvious reasons :(
Thanks for the help aniruddhc</p>

<p>Change your email. Stuff like this stands out, in fact. You can't change your collegeboard email, but you don't need to. The two emails can be different.</p>

<p>thanks a lot for the advice blue_box.I was worried about it 'standing out' only.I think i will change my email for the commonapp then.But how would the college know my scores on collegeboard are mine then?I am quite confused about that.</p>

<p>I have sent mails of apology to each college and said that i 'switched' email addresses by mistake..but its not very believable.Just telling for gen. information</p>

<p>It certainly doesn't sound likely. As for the scores, that's determined by name, not email address. You report your scores on the common app, and they're verified by the score report. The score report also has stuff like school name, city, etc.
You can ask on the college discussion forum just to be sure. Personally, I wouldn't take a chance with the email blooper. I'd use a new email.</p>

<p>Does it?(the score report)I had no idea.Are you sure?
Arre but the score report is sent with your email?I'll ask for sure.Thanks a lot for the help :)
I'll make a new email anyway.But I wrote my name and address in the mail as well.But idt that shud matter...i mean they're not going to remember my address unless its from the same email id isnt it?</p>

<p>What has happened to you, happens to a lot of kids all around the globe! Just don't fret. Get yourself a new email, and you are good to go.</p>

<p>If this helps, my 'College Board ID' and the 'Application ID' were different for the first half of the application process. The colleges did not seem to mind it by any stretch of imagination.</p>

<p>P.S. I think you can change the email ID that is linked with your College Board account. I remember changing mine later in the process, but I seem to have forgotten how I did it!</p>

<p>Chill! Both the IDs can be different, and unless you cry about it too much and make a joke out of it for them, they wouldn't even care! The only thing you REALLY need to remember is that you DO NOT end up doing something like this- <a href=""&gt;;/a>
Just relax, I used 2 different emails IDs(which redirected to the same Yahoo account) for my apps and CB :)</p>

<p>Just for info-We can change our college board id by going to "Manage My Account" and editing the personal details there!!I just checked! Yay!! </p>

<p>Thanks for the help and support helped a LOT :) Thank you!</p>

<p>Now the only thing im worried about is that i listed my name AND address in the email.But since my emails going to be different...i doubt that would matter?</p>

Now the only thing im worried about is that i listed my name AND address in the email.But since my emails going to be different...i doubt that would matter?


<p>Haha! This keeps getting better. I don't think it'll matter. They won't correlate addresses and names. I think.</p>

<p>News news!
I wrote this in the starting-
"I am an International Student from India planning to apply to Yale this Fall."
I just got an email from Harvard saying-
"Greetings! The 2010 application season is now closed. Our 2011 viewbooks and applications will be available in July of 2010."</p>

<p>Nothing more! Just a few links to their guidebooks,etc.They didnt even read the email properly and assumed that i want to join THIS Fall!
Just for a laugh.</p>

<p>^Harvard, like many universities, has an Automatic Mail Response system in place. So, depending on the subject and category of your email, the mail either gets seamlessly transferred to this system or gets forwarded to the department concerned for further review. What you received was a reply from the Automatic Mail Response System, and not from any particular individual in the Admissions Office!</p>

<p>Just thought I'd share, and defend them!</p>

<p>Nope.I recieved their auto response yestrdy wen i sent the mail.2dy i recieved this :)
(doing a lively jig...not that it changes anything since il probably make a new id to remain safe anyway).
PS-why are u so in love with harvard?Ur going to brown rite(im pretty sure that ur location is its latin name!)</p>

<p>Harvard probably receives way too many emails to send out personalized responses.</p>

<p>Hey no!ur mistaken about that! I sent them a question in march and i got a really loooong response from them.To tell the truth even i was surprised at that time :-)</p>

<p>Yea, that certainly is surprising.</p>

<p>Bdw Gayry..oops sorry Gary,LOL at your blunder!Im guessing that you did not get congratulations from them in April eh?
On a more serious note,this has taught me never ever to copy and paste on my apps in future.Im going to type them all out again and again even if its the same answer on all ;)</p>