Major Choices

Alright, not sure if anyone can help with this one but I want to major in something art/design related (animation and architecture are my top choices) but my parents have always thought that I was going to major in something STEM related (mom especially has been nagging me to be a doctor/work in the medical field).

I don’t want to disappoint them, but I want to do what I love. While I do well in science/math classes, I pretty much despise it all except math is kind of fun. I was planning on majoring in CS for years at least while starting out in university but taking it as an AP this year I realized that I absolutely hate it. I’m actually procrastinating doing my CS work while I type this.

Especially since they’ll be helping out with paying for college and I would feel terrible if they were spending their money on me and I ended up doing something they think is a waste of time. They’ve spent so much time, effort, money into raising me and I don’t want to disappoint them. Any tips? (Especially looking for insight from other parents, what would you do if your kid was in this situation?)