Major incremental upgrade

Thank you for some explanation! Some of these changes came as a total surprise!


Sorry about that. March is always a crazy time around here and this announcement slipped through the cracks for some reason. (Ok. It was me. But let’s now throw blame around. :wink: )


Is the search function ever going to improve. If it did…it hasn’t helped much. I’m not the only one who thinks it’s terrible.


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I don’t believe that the new search features have made it to the public branch just yet. A wild guess for when they’ll be available here is in the next 30-60 days.

Are there specific searches that are doing a bad job?

I plan to push new updates once or twice a month going forward. There were some big changes to some internals that made getting the custom theme updated quite a chore. With more frequent updates the changes will be less jarring.

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@CC_Jay I have searched using the exact title of a thread…and have NOT gotten to that thread! It’s annoying.

Also, any way to take out the extra characters that appear on older threads that were ported over in previous upgrades! I share one thread in particular…and even though old, the content is excellent. But it’s almost impossible to read now with all this extra junk.


I see. Upon looking more closely, it looks like we do have at least some of those improvements here already and I just kicked off a process to rebuild the indexes. There are over 28 million posts, so it’ll be a bit before it’s done. The database is over 200GB. This should make the exact title searches work.

You mean the <p> stuff? No. It’s not easy to fix at this point. It might be possible to figure out which posts need to have that HTML removed on and do a global replacement there, but it’s a bunch of work, and then the fear is that those changes get applied somewhere that they are not wanted.

But maybe replacing &lt;p&gt; and &lt;/p&gt; in posts of a certain age is something that could be considered.

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I’m just asking about the one thread I linked above. I know there are other old timers on this forum that agree that this content is a must read for students and parents…and especially those applying to mostly reach schools. I want to send this now to a poster, but it’s such a PITA to read, I’m not going to.

If you have specific posts in mind, we can fix them individually. (Even if that means editing by hand.) I’ve done it in the past when I find posts that I want to show people. I wish we could fix all of them, but it seems worth fixing the most helpful posts in the meantime.

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@CC_Jon this thread. But it’s not just one post…and the whole thread is important. Read it and you will understand why. Looks like someone actually fixed the first post!

I fixed it and worked out a way that more can be corrected easily. I sent @CC_Jon a note about it.


Thank you!! It’s the one OLD thread I have bookmarked that I think is worth sharing every so often.


I’ll test out @CC_Jay’s process for the rest of the posts in that thread.

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Much better now.

Thank you so very much!!

So…supposedly I have one new message in this area…but as you can see…none appear. When I click on the red box, it doesn’t take me to a new message. @CC_Jon @CC_Jay

I’m having issues this morning too. I had a moderator flag I couldn’t access.

Also still experiencing a significantly lag between moderator PMs and the flag appearing at all.

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Really disliking the new notifications thing. No setting to change to go back to the old way, I don’t suppose? I can’t make the notifications go away even by clicking on the threads. It’s a lot more work and I just can’t seem to make it work the way it’s supposed to.

Always seem to have trouble finding the “good deal of the day” thread. Searches no matter how I try (even with the advanced functions) seem to pull up everything but!

Maybe try using the Dismiss button:

Screenshot 2023-04-10 at 12.00.55 PM

If you didn’t know that existed, you’re in good company. I didn’t either until someone pointed it out to me a few weeks ago.

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