Major Swap from Second Major to First Major Purdue University

Hey everyone I just got into Purdue University today and I’m incredibly excited at the prospect of attending! However, I didn’t make my first-choice major of Chemical Engineering but I got admitted into Aeronautical Engineering Technology at the Purdue Polytechnic Institute. While I could CODO, I’m worried that by the time I get into FYE the second semester of my Freshman year, I’ll miss out on taking crucial Engineering courses like ENGR 131 that are extremely necessary for Engineering students so I’m worried I’ll lag behind. Therefore, I was wondering if it would be possible for me to appeal for my first choice major after like a month. I’m thinking that by like March or April, most people would’ve committed to other universities and there would definitely be some spots that are freed up. So I was wondering if it was possible for me to do so and If I do, would there be any chance of me directly getting admitted into FYE. Thanks so much and I’m looking forward to all your answers and inputs.

Thoughts? @momofsenior @richinpitt

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My understanding is that you cannot appeal the decision for entry into your major.

FWIW, you are correct to be concerned about the CODO process. It’s not guaranteed and many majors end up being closed out.

If you get a direct admit to chem e at another school, I’d go there over taking the risk at Purdue.


It’s certainly possible to try - trying never hurts. But I would agree that it’s extremely unlikely to have an admissions decision changed.

Also note that the process for CODO into FYE has been removed on the 2020-2021 Engineering CODO Requirements, compared to previous years. I would certainly reach out to the CoE to understand this before thinking about pursuing that path.

Even prior to this change, or if it was inadvertent, the challenge of fitting the FYE CODO pre-requisites into a Polytech plan of study make it a risky proposition. CODO into Engineering has always been difficult, and it would likely put you off the Polytech plan of study for on-time graduation.

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Just to add since a few other colleges have like pre engineering type programs. If you want to be an engineer and as stated have other options then do that. It’s way too risky and not be able to transfer. Just not worth the chance of it. Purdue is an extremely in demand school for engineering. Spots won’t just open up for you. They would take someone off their wait list. But don’t listen and call /email and maybe they have another suggestion.

Just to add I know it’s not pre engineering but look here and see if this interests you or make sense to you VS engineering.

What are your stats