Make sure to check your state's laws for park closing time!

<p>I just got a summons for being in the park late at night with my friends. Seriously? We have to go to court to pay haha what the hell.. Anyways, yeah I'm only annoyed because it took the cops half an hour to write all our info. and everything. Stupid cops were mean to the kids in my car (guys) but nice to the other car (girls). Pfft.</p>


<p>Was it this one? <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>XD no, there was absolutely no one there. The cops told us kids "many years ago" would go to the area we were at (down a hill where the road led to a dead end by a pond) and drink and smoke.</p>

<p>I thought camping was allowed in state parks.</p>

I think some do some don't but if they do you have to pay</p>

<p>Did you elaborate on why you were at the park that late?</p>

<p>We had absolutely no reason to be there. We weren't doing anything bad, and the cops knew that. Oh well.. my parents laughed when they saw the summons slip</p>