Making Friends During COVID

I am a transfer student (sophomore) to a college that is closed for in-person during the pandemic, at least for the fall semester. This means that I am at home (dorms are also closed) and using Zoom to get my education.
Of course I am glad to be in a safe space because of COVID, but I feel like not having a dorm life or living on campus has really stunted my experience.
I have no friends at the school, and it’s not like I am a freshman where no one has friends - most people in sophomore year tend to have crystallized social groups. I am really worried that if we go back for spring, I will seriously be alone the entire time. I struggle a lot with both anxiety and depression, and usually having close relationships with friends really helps my mental health.
So, any suggestions? How are you/your kids making friends? Any advice would be really appreciated!

There are two posts that might help you when you are on campus.

Don’t worry right now about what’s going to happen in the spring. Cross that bridge when you get to it.

Please do let us know what works for you in the time of Covid.