Manhattan College Class of 2022

Son is thrilled to receive acceptance to Manhattan College (his first choice)! Applied rolling admission via common app in mid October (they only offer ED or rolling, no EA). Received Dean’s Award scholarship ($23,000-nice) to Business school. Financial aid coming separately. 3.5 GPA (unweighted) at very strong HS. 1290 SATs. Good extracurriculars including athletics (captain senior year), 5 year history of church mission trips, work history. Visited school 3 times (tour, open house and interview) and attended info session when MC rep visited his HS.

Congratulations! How did he hear?? Mail or email?

Snail mail.

Congratulations! I wish your son all the best at Manhattan!!

My daughter will be applying next year (she’s a current HS junior). We’ve been to visit twice and she’s met with the admissions reps when they visited her HS this year and I’m sure she’ll go speak with them again next fall. Thanks for posting this, it’s nice to know what the stats and money look like for her top choice school. congrats, again - you mush be very proud! :slight_smile:

I posted it because we, too, looked through the previous year’s info (for timing of response, GPA, SAT, scholarship info) once he decided it was his first choice. Good luck! I recommend an interview (they only want interview scheduled after application has been received) it demonstrates your level of interest.

Just wondering, did anyone here audition for the dance program at Marymount? I auditioned for the BA Dance program. Haven’t found any information but basically it was an okay audition, did not particularly like the process but I thought I did pretty well. Unfortunately I was not asked to stay after cuts were made. There were about 60-70 people there and only about 15 made it.

I am wondering if anyone knows if you are not asked to stay for the solo and interview part, if you can still be considered for the program? I think that we receive acceptance/rejection letters next month but I am hoping for some miracle. Help!!!

You posted on the wrong school. This discussion is for Manhattan College, not Marymount. Good luck!

Congratulations on your son’s acceptance to MMC and good luck to him next fall. My son was also accepted into MMC and received the Deans Scholarship. Is the Dean’s Award Scholarship different than the Dean’s Scholarship? The reason I ask is because he only received $11,000. Am I missing something?

Whoops…made the same mistake as another. You are referring to Manhattan College, not MMC. Good luck to your son just the same.