Manhattan school of Music – MSM class of 2024

The waiting is killing me. Has anyone heard about their Admissions decision from Manhattan school of music?

It’s annoying me as well. I’m waiting for the same and haven’t heard anything yet. Everything is for my daughter and even I went to [hire a maid](Full Time Live-In| Maid - Nanny Housekeeper.) to take care of every household things to stay focused, and still having to wait for a long like this is really disgusting…

In the past, MSM has been one of the later ones to release results…mid to late March. My D auditioned there a few years ago. I think they may still be auditioning…and I don’t believe that they roll results. You can call the administration and ask how/when they release results…just so you have an idea.

What is your child’s instrument or major? MSM is auditioning the classical instrumentalists and vocalists for another two + weeks. Did the school say they were releasing acceptances this early? This seems super early for MSM! We were told mid-March.

My daughter is auditionig next week.

We heard back from Manhattan school of music last night through the portal. They did not send an email …unfortunately it was a No for us.

@user_752736, @HishamAbdulla, and @GalaOvsi, not much help but the MSM website says that “Admissions results are available no later than April 1st.” My D is auditioning on March 4 (next Wed) for BM Violin Performance.

Note that this is the MUSIC forum…not MT. I’m wondering if MT releases earlier (and that is the result listed above). @user_752736 could you share your instrument or did you audition for MT?

If anyone is interested in MT results, plz check the MT forum. This forum is for the MUSIC school only. The music program has traditionally released results later…but things can change…so you can always call the school.

Fyi, at the info session on Wednesday, MSM said that all admission decisions would be communicated on March 31. No earlier, no later. Good luck everyone!

How is MSM in terms of financial aid/reward? It is quite expensive. Do you all have means to pay for it? :slight_smile:

@GalaOvsi, unfortunately I missed the financial aid portion of the information session on audition day. I’m hoping that MSM is heavily endowed and able to offer substantial gifts and/or scholarships to a good portion of admitted students, but I don’t know. Hopefully, others have better information.

Today’s the day! Has anyone gotten results yet?

Not yet. Still waiting to hear back Wonder when responses will arrive

What are they waiting for?!

@Maverick8 on the music acceptance thread said that “MSM just told me that they were trying to release by tonight.” ?

My D has been accepted (BM Violin Performance)! No e-mail yet. She checked the portal.

Accepted for jazz guitar w/ scholarship

that’s incredible

Son was accepted for classical voice, undergrad. Email to check portal. Merit scholarship given in acceptance letter.

my son was accepted to MSM with scholarship :slight_smile: