Marist 2025 RD

Have RD for Marist Class 2025 started to go out yet?

We are in the same situation and haven’t not heard yet either. Hoping it’s soon.

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Received an email today it went into junk mail FYI!

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A good email?

Thx for the info. Unfortunately, no email here yet. Hopefully you got good news. :slight_smile:

It was! Hoping you get good news soon too!" Congratulations, you have been accepted to the Marist Class of 2025! You are among an exceptional group of intelligent, talented, and diverse individuals from over 11,000 applicants. Your accomplishments are truly noteworthy, and you should be proud. You are now one step closer to becoming an official member of the Red Fox Family, and we’re here to help you along your journey."


We’re confused…DS and I both just received emails from Marist’s Theater Department asking him to complete an application for a Theater Scholarship. We haven’t heard anything from Marist about if he was accepted or not…no mail, no email, no call…nothing. I looked up the scholarship on their website and it says:

Theatre Scholarships
$2,000 annual renewable awards available
After receiving acceptance to Marist College, incoming freshmen may apply for a theatre scholarship. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and several scholarships are available each year.

So…does that mean he was accepted and the mail just hasn’t come yet? Other people on CC said they received email acceptances…but their website says they only send snail mail.

HELP!..does anyone have any insight on this scholarship or if it really means he was accepted and just wasn’t notified? (He’s not a theater major or minor so we are thinking the email may be a mistake in the batch of notices sent out by the Theater Department).

Just curious. Did you send in anything after the deferral except the grades? Like a letter or do an interview? Thanks.

Sent in a short letter of continued interest with updated resume. Called for interview but they said they weren’t really doing them. Our school district automatically sends in mid-year grades so that was sent separately.

Same here. Thanks for the info.

We got the email today, too! Same content, packet is on the way etc and said virtual accepted day is Sat.

Congrats! No email here, so I’ll be watching the usps digest for a little envelope. :pensive:

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Muy DS received no email or regular mail other than one from the school saying he could apply for the Theater Scholarship which is only offered to admitted students. We called the school and they only said to watch the regular mail for a letter, they wouldn’t say over the phone. If virtual admitted students day is tomorrow - (and hoping he was admitted) he will miss the event. Marist is really giving me a bad impression of them with this situation.

It was similar with EA (deferred) in that the emails and big envelopes kind of trickled out. I didn’t actually tell DD what I saw here, because who needs that stress? I don’t know if she read it and didn’t want to tell me lol.

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I don’t know…I looked at their site Accepted Students Visiting - Marist College and all of the events have either already happened or end tomorrow. It’s unprofessional on their part to mail letters to students (seems like the email some and mail others which is even more insane and inequitable), refuse to give a status over the phone and host events before the notification process is finished.

I am not stressed about the accepted students events because DD was admitted EA several places and they have been running these things all winter and keep adding dates. I know we’re near the end, but there is time for April.

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There will continue to be admitted student events in April. My daughter emailed to inquire and they let her know info would be coming out soon about April events.


Hi, there is a virtual event on Saturday which we can’t even attend but many other events for admitted students in-person in different geographic areas. We are scheduled for one in April.

Congrats on the acceptance!

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Having the same issue here- no status updates, emails, or mail yet…