Marist 2025 RD

I’m assuming it’s a no here, but whatever. I don’t like how they handled decision notifications.

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I agree.

The deferral letter said we’d know by end of March so maybe not a no yet. Also it says they are recording the virtual day so I assume that means they will post for people that can’t attend. We just found out 2 days ago so can’t attend either. And we thought the same as others here about all the events that happened this week before we found out. Good luck to those still waiting.

We still haven’t received anything for my DS even after he called twice and asked if maybe they could email his decision letter. They just told him they don’t give decisions over the phone or by email (which after being on CC I know is a lie) and he would just have to wait for his letter. On Tuesday they told him it had been sent out on Monday and when he called on Friday, they said they had mailed it out that day. I’m very disappointed in this process with them.

Got accepted a few weeks ago. I found out through a packet in the mail. Didn’t get an email until days later for anyone who’s curious.

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Sending out only positive decisions by email is a strange policy!

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I didn’t know I can appeal for more assistance.
Can you please explain the process?
Marist is my top choice but it is giving me the smallest merit so I don’t think I can go there!
My next 2 colleges gave me a lot more assistance!
I’d really appreciate your advise! Thanks!!!