Marist College Class of 2024 EA Discussion

I thought I would start this discussion. This thread should be for EA or ED candidates for the Class of 2024. I think for the Regular decision 2024 applicants, someone can add a separate thread.

I am an alumnus (Class of 94) and my daughter’s stats are:

GPA 99.85 (weighted)
SAT : 1430
4 APs (Tes Scores: 4,5,5,5)
A lot of Honors classes
A few ECs
NYS Resident

Submitted Common App in late September, completed submission of all required docs about a week ago. Seems like portal not updated yet but they should shortly.

Good luck to everyone!


My D is applying.

3.75 GPA with some honors and a couple AP’s
30 ACT
Not great EC’s but GC has written about why that is.

Applying as an English major. Going to submit next week.

My son applied EA.

GPA 4.1 weighted (7 AP classes, the rest mostly honors)
SAT 1350 (700 math, 650 english)
Varsity athlete / team captain.
Strong other extracurriculars, lots of community service
MA resident

Applying as a business major.

My other son with similar stats did get in last year so fingers crossed.

My son is applying EA, next week.

GPA 3.7 weighted (Mostly honors and a few AP classes)
SAT 1280 (waiting on the results from 11/2 test)
Varsity athlete
Lots of community service
Working towards Eagle Scout
CT resident

Applying as a business major.

For those who already applied EA, did you get a letter in the mail with the login info? My D has not gotten a letter yet (submitted 10 days ago). Its bizarre they do this via letter, vs sending the login info via email like almost very other school.

My daughter applied EA in September. We haven’t yet received a confirmation of receipt or link to an application portal. Have any others?

Within a couple of days after applying we received an email with a link to the Admission Application Status Page along with a username (your email) and a password that Marist provides. It’s very easy to use, and Marist updates often the items you might still need for the application to be complete. You may want to make sure that your email didn’t go into junk mail. If you can’t find it there you should look at the link I mentioned at At the bottom it says, “If you have problems or questions about the login process or forgot your Username/Password, please contact the Admission Office at 1-800-436-5483 or” I hope that helps.

My Son applied EA for CS.
3.7 UW GPA
1420 SAT
32 ACT
Eagle Scout

Fingers crossed

Does anyone know when EA hears back via mail?

Website says they will be mailed by mid-January for EA. Which seems pretty late compared to my daughter’s other EA schools.

It was much earlier last year. My older son received his Marist acceptance on 12/19/18.

I believe that last year it was released around Dec. 15th also supposedly they announced the mailings on Twitter (I Think). Maybe they mail the EA decisions this week or next week.


My kid never got a think in the mail or email from Marist after applying. She had to email them asking for the login password. And I can’t believe they still do snail mail acceptances… time for them to update their admissions process.

All the other schools sent an email the next day with login information.

I got in yesterday, I did EA early october.

Did you get a letter or email ?

Traditionally, Marist has ONLY sent letters through the mail as nothing is updated on the portal (not sure why there even is a portal in my opinion). Last year EA notifications were mailed on the 17th and students started receiving them by the 19th. Perhaps @Lucky1010 applied ED?

Still nothing here.

My older son applied EA last year and was notified by mail on December 19th. Hoping for another big fat envelope this year.

Really? How lucky, congratulations :slight_smile: I thought they release them all at the same time? Did it come via mail? @lucky101


Has anyone else been accepted ED? Marist is very quiet on social media and there is not a lot of activity here. Wondering if ED officially was released.