Marist Learning Support Program

My son has been invited to interview for the Learning Support Program. Any feedback on the interview and/or program would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Just posted a new thread on this before I’d seen yours. Hoping to get info also! Has your son already applied and then was asked to interview for this? We have another year before applying but I’m curious to whether you indicate interest in the program or if the program seeks you? Have you done a campus visit yet? We plan to in the spring.

Hello. My son is going through the application process now. Marist’s program
is different than other schools in that prospective students apply to the college and submit the learning support application directly to that program at the same time (meaning you don’t apply to school first and if accepted apply to learning support). If you are planning to visit in the spring, I suggest going when the learning support program has it’s open house. Last year it was in April. We found it to be very informative. Good luck!

Hello :slight_smile: My son has just been invited to interview for the same program this year. I’d love to hear about his interview experience and whether he, ultimately, decided to pursue the program. Thanks so much!

@lathamholt, by what method did your son’s invitation to interview for the program arrive? Email? Snail mail? Phone? We are waiting to hear about an interview, and wondering how invitations are extended. Thanks!

For anyone looking at this I’ll add that our son was not admitted as they focus on specific learning disabilities (as opposed to things like ADHD and Asperger’s that can impair success). However, on a call we received excellent advice and perspective and promises to be inclusive of our son in many valuable ways. Was very impressed and pleased.

I was just accepted to Marist today, yayy!! and was wondering if the lsp letter comes with the official letter. anything helps!!

Did you get an interview with LSP? It’s my understanding they interview all potential candidates

What is the fee for this program? My daughter is a HS Junior and Marist is on her list. She also has a learning disability

Hi, my son is probably heading to Marist in fall this year. I would like to know if you sent you your son to Marist because my son was declined for the support program as well (his primary diagnosis is Autism spectrum)

Thanks so much, would love your feedback

Our son did not go to Marist - he was fortunate to be admitted to a lot of great choices including Northeastern University which has a combined CS and Design combined major which appears to fit his interest like a glove. We then all decided together on him taking a gap year - mostly to develop maturity and life skills but COVID made it even easier to pause. They have a learning support program that he will need to apply to for the Fall so it’s not a sure thing. We really liked Marist but it actually came down to Northeastern, RPI and RIT. RPI was a strong second as we felt it would be a really great fit but so far for visits and not eager for him to settle in Rochester! I wish you and him great luck. Definitely ask about ways he could be involved/supported without being in the program.

Thanks so much for your reply. My son just got admitted into TCNJ as well which also has its Support program. That’s why the indecision. The decision just came through yesterday. I do like Marist, my son isn’t entirely confident he can do it without structured support though. I am. A gap year was a thought as well as a boarding school (late thought) but college will definitely provide the most structure. Good luck to both of you for the fall. Hope it all works out!

@NYCMomof3 . I’ve emailed them as my son got into Marist and into LSP and can’t get an answer. They tell you tuition, but when I asked about LSP costs, I didn’t receive a response. In the long run, he got a larger merit at two other colleges so with the added costs not sure it is going to work, but would be nice to get an answer.

Thank you for your reply

My oldest daughter is currently at RIT and she’s so happy there

Ment to say rit a close second. Rpi was 3rd - ultimately administration /student conflict seemed too disruptive.

Very curious. I know this has been a long time. But, I’m not sure they will accept my daughter as well based on a conversation I had with the dept. Fairly certain she can do it w/ accommodations not in the program, but they indicated if you apply to the program & do not get in, you are rejected from Marist.

Wow, they said that? It makes me want to have her apply regular and ask for accommodations later if this is true?