Marquette Class of 2022 Admissions Thread

Admissions decicisions from Marquette seem to be flowing. My daughter was admitted to the school of nursing this week and a classmate was admitted last week in a pre-med major. Initial Pete Marquette awards are in the mid teens.

“Admissions decisions” and “Pere Marquette,” sorry for the typos. That is what I get for posting from my iPhone!

When did you apply and when did you hear about your reward amounts? Do you mind sharing your gpa and act scores? Congratulations on your acceptance and your rewards!!!

Thank you! My D applied September 20 and the admissions packet was postmarked October 2. In the admissions letter it states the amount of merit aid awarded. Both my D and her classmate had ACT scores in the high 20’s and UW GPAs of 3.9-4.0 (W 4.1-4.2). Hope that helps.

Yes! You were very helpful. My D sent hers in today so we will look for something in a couple of weeks!!

Woot! Woot! Acceptance just emailed to my son! @dhart87 – Was the merit award in the email or just in the packet?

The merit amount was in the printed acceptance letter that came in the mail.

@go2mom - when did your son apply?

@stayathomedman he applied 10/4.

My D applied 10/31 and received her acceptance into the nursing program yesterday. OOS with ACT 32, UW 3.92, W 4.25. She has legacy and lots of leadership extras.

Just received my acceptance!
I’m a legacy, UW 3.45, W 3.6, SAT 1400 and got the Pere Marquette Scholarship in the letter!
(I applied on the first of November)

My son finished 10 apps the weekend of Oct 28-29th and Marquette was his first acceptance received yesterday, 11/18. W 4.2 SAT 1180. Pere Marquette Scholarship in letter in mid-teens. No legacy or much connection to the Midwest but West Coast rep did a nice job at a hotel presentation and the school has a lot of things he liked.

I also applied on November 1st and got my acceptance letter and Pere Marquette scholarship on November 17. I only have a 3.5 GPA and 26 ACT but I’m a legacy so that helped.

Got my acceptance letter in the mail! Direct admit to business with Pere Marquette scholarship ~$20k per year. OOS student 3.4UW/1440 SAT. Graduated high school a year early and had strong EC’s which I think made up for low GPA.

Got into Opus College of engineering with Pere Marquette Scholarship for 15k a year.

Anyone had any updates with the release of scholarship decisions today?

My D got a letter that she was runner up for the Alumni Club scholarship and that if anyone declined theirs then she’d be next in line. We have no idea how much that would be worth however. Marquette is one of the most expensive options she has so our interest is lower than it is for her other acceptances.

@Banker1 - Hmm…My son applied for the same, received the same letter that he was a runner-up and would also receive the award if the original recipient declined (ie did not attend Marquette). Is it a little odd that they would both be “next” to receive? My son applied to two other scholarships and to my surprise, did not receive any. Though he’d land one…My son also has a nice state school option that’s a third of the price of Marquette. Hard to decide as my son really likes Marquette. Did your D apply for any other scholarships?

My daughter was accepted last week to the Pre Law Scholar program. She had received Pere Award when she was initially accepted in the Fall. Still waiting on decisions from a couples schools in DC, she was accepted at UW Madision as well. I’m not sure what she is going to do, but completing undergrad and grad in 6 years versus 7 is pretty appealing.

@midcentury - my DS was also accepted to Pre-Law. Congrats. My boy has narrowed his decision to Marquette and one other (in-state public school). He’s right on that fence and time to make a decision. Has your daughter made her choice yet?