Marquette Class of 2026 Decision

My D21 submitted her application on 10/12/21 and anxiously waiting for the decision to be released. I’ve read somewhere that the decision is released in 2-3 weeks after the submission. Is this correct? Has anyone got their decision yet?

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Unfortunately, my understanding is that Marquette has changed from rolling admission (which used to be the 2-3 week turn around in years past–based on my older daughter’s experience) to specific date for decisions. According to the email my younger daughter received last week, decisions will be posted on December 21. I don’t know if that date was just for her or everyone. My guess is for everyone, but if some gets a decision before then, please let everyone know.

Thank you so much for sharing the information of Dec.21 decision release date. I don’t think my daughter received any email from Marquette, or most likely, she didn’t check her emails. I’ll wait for her to come home and ask her to check.

So Marquette will ‘post’ their decision on the portal? I also heard that they don’t post but send the decision via old fashion mail. I guess these are also old information?

The email says the “initial decision notification will be posted on your student status page on December 21.”

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Son just checked portal. He was accepted, but it seems like you have to apply for grants and scholarships AFTER being accepted. Good luck everyone!

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Actually, I have to amend what I just said because my son just checked his portal again and the notification was gone. I guess it was some kind of glitch. Oh well, back to waiting and hoping. LOL.

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The exact same thing happened to us. I got a screen shot so I know I’m not crazy.

Now I’m even more curious to see the real result. I’m glad you got a screen shot, I didn’t think to, but I know I saw it. Lol.

It has to be a good sign right? I’m guessing that they want to send out the email and update the portal at the same time and the IT department got a little too eager.

Fingers crossed! Best of luck!

I bet it is good sign that even if it was a glitch. Just curious, what did the portal say when you got the acceptance?

It said “Congratulations KCMoney00!You’re in! You’ve been admitted to Marquette’s Opus College of Engineering for the 2022 Fall Term.”

It went on to have a link to accept admission and pay a deposit.


Thank you for sharing. Hope to see the same message on my daughter’s portal with her name. :crossed_fingers:

Decisions are out!!


Thank you! We thought we had to wait till tomorrow. My D got in! She’s EXCITED. Now just need to wait on DPT Direct Entry decision.

Congrats! @Malsandhuskies Which direct entry program did you apply for?

Thanks! My daughter applied to 6 year Physical Therapy program.

My D22 is accepted to College of Health Science with $23K Pere Marquette Scholarship!! So grateful for the opportunities!!


Son accepted to Opus College of Engineering. Pere Marquette scholarship!

Daughter was accepted into the nursing program with 27,500 merit.

No email, just checked the portal when we saw that admissions were posted.

California student UW GPA 4.0, no test scores

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