Marquette University 2023

Just wanted to create a thread for class of 2023 decisions!

Just got accepted today!!

@sla123 - Congratulations! When did you apply? Did you get notification of scharship awards at the same time?

Thanks, I’m really excited! I applied on October 11th. I got a notification about receiving a Pere Marquette Scholarship in my acceptance letter, so yes, it was at the same time. :slight_smile:

I got in too!


my son applying regular decision,
can those with merit post stats so we have some idea of potential costs?

Daughter received the Pere Marquette Scholarship too. She’s from NY, Asian and a female majoring in Engineering. I believe all those helped to get the scholarship since Marquette is looking for more diversity. 4.0 GPA, 1290 SAT and lots of EC’s that show leadership & many faith based EC’s too. We plan on visiting for accepted student days / shadow days in February. This will be our first visit.

What type of PM scholarships were awarded, your stats?
thanks for sharing

I would also be interested in knowing that @midwest_parent @FarmerMom

My son was just admitted to College of Health Sciences with PM of $16,000. Acceptance letter was online with PM scholarship $ in letter. We haven’t received anything in mail yet. 3.9 gpa, great EC and community service.

labones when did you son apply? My child applied on Oct 11th to the same school (Health Sciences)and we are hoping to hear this week or next.

Daughter was accepted into Mechanical Engineering with PM of $15,000 ( $7,500 per semester).

Applied to communications around mid Oct.
Admitted with PM of $17,000
3.9 UW, 33 ACT, strong leadership & community service, basic ECs

Applies 10/26, admitted today. PM scholarship $16,000 per year.
Health and Sciences
33 ACT
3.7 UW GPA

Just got the mail package Today… Was notified by email 1 week ago that the decision had been made and to check the Dashboard… When I went to the dashboard the acceptance AND the merit offer was in the acceptance letter. Good system they have.

We got in too. Does anyone have any information about class sizes or quality of advisors? Just trying to get a sense of how much personal attention students get

Daughter got accepted 11/2. She Applied on 10/6 her application was considered ““done”” on the portal on 10/16. She actually got an email the night before saying that the decision would be posted the next day in the portal and it was sure enough. Notification of the Pere Marquette merit Scholarship came in the mail on 11/5. Pretty generous. She is Out of State, so the 18K will be very helpful indeed. Here GPA was 3.6 and her SAT was 1280, which would seem low, but she has some very specific talents and most likely that is why she was chosen.

Son received letter yesterday with PM award in the mail of $18K. ACT 35, GPA 3.9/4.4(weighted). High rigor of classes, pretty good ECs, and zero community service. Health Sciences and from Illinois.

Just wanted to say Congratulations to everyone. My DD is in her junior year at MU. Attending MU It is undoubtedly one of the best decisions she has ever made. It is a great school and it flies under many people’s radar when it comes to application season, kudos to you for recognizing a great opportunity!