McGill/Concordia Chances?

Hi everyone,
I am currently a high school senior w/ 25GPA (only got to take once before COVID shutdowns, but should be able to take it again), and 3.57 W GPA.

Do you mean 25 ACT? McGill is test optional this year and Concordia is always test optional.

At McGill admissions varies by program. For Science, Management and Enginerring the minimum unweighted GPA is 3.7 so those programs would be a rejection.

My bad! I meant 25 ACT. I was mostly wondering about McGill BArts, since my GPA isn’t too bad it’s just my ACT score is far lower. I was wondering which university I have a better shot at, and any other info on the two would be greatly appreciated!

Concordia is less selective. You should get in there.

For McGill, it depends what your UW GPA is. You need a B+ average for grades 10, 11 and 12 plus a B+ in each English course. Your ACT score is way too low for McGill, but you don’t need a score for 2021.