McGill Desautels vs Western AEO(Ivey Business School)

Hey guys,

I am an international student. I got into McGill commerce program as well as Western’s AEO status(With AEO, I could directly enter Ivey Business School after sophomore year with minimum 80+GPA).

I intend to double major in math and econ and hopefully pursue a career in finance or consulting world.

McGill University’s reputation is very prestigious all over the world. Western Ontario University is not that prestigious. However, Ivey and Queens Commerce which I am still waiting, is the best two business program in Canada. I am really struggle deciding between McGill and Western Ivey.

So, please give me some insights!!!
Thanks a lot!

Where do you intend to live after graduation? Western is plenty prestigious in Canada. McGill is less prestigious in Canada than the rest of the world seems to think it is. However, a 80+ minimum will not be terribly easy to get in first or second year, especially if you’re international. Average grades in Canadian universities tend to be in the 65-75% range. At Western, the prerequisite courses for Ivey will be filled with students who are competing with you for that 80+ GPA. If you’re admitted directly to one of the other programs, with no minimum first year grade requirement, I’d take that program.

You can’t double major if you’re in a commerce program.

Actually, you can double major with Ivey (they call it dual-degree), but it would take an extra year.

I would also pick Ivey over McGill, especially if you’re planning on staying in Canada. Most firms recruit at Western and Queens and much less so at Desautels. Western may not be as prestigious overall among the general population, but its business program is recognized as strong by those who matter.

Thanks for your advice! Also, for Queens commerce and Western Ivey, which one would you pick?

Sure a 80% GPA is not that easy to get XD I intend to stay in Canada.
And do your know which fields or subjects are recognized as “strong” majors in McGill?(I guess that they have very strong Biology related programs.)

Personally, I would pick Ivey since it offers me the chance to double major and also seems to have a very slight edge in terms of recruiting/post-grad salary.

To be perfectly honest, McGill is more of an all-around good university. They seem to be quite strong in the sciences.