McGill Transfer (2021 Fall)

Hi everyone! I’m an international student wanted to transfer to Mcgill. Are there anybody got accepted already? I was wondering if other transfer applicants would like to share their stats?
I’m at 3.9/4.0, but 4.0 for mcgill’s scale. Still ready to review by now.

Hi-I’m also applying as a transfer. Do you know how to update your courses? I submitted my app pretty early and made some changes to my current schedule during the drop/add period but not sure how to update them and can’t get anyone on the phone.

hi sunkissedskidoo, have u already be submitted by mcgill? I’m a transfer student from another university. Sorry I don’t know any info about course schedule. I’m applying on the website, no idea about the app either. haha

hi-yes I submitted in early January. I remember on the app entering my courses for spring 2021, which have now changed but can’t figure out how to make that change. It was a very strange application as they seemed to ask for almost…NOTHING.

Hi! i’m a transfer from another university in Montreal. Apparently transfer students get their answers pretty late in the summer… are all of you transfers from schools outside of Canada? :slight_smile:

Yeah that’s true, they only ask for grades, and no other things. I feel like you could just upload your new transcript on the website again? I guess it will take over the old version. IDK. You should try to reach out to the admission office, if u haven’t done so I guess. What programs are u applying?

Hi there. I’m actually transfer from a Canadian university. I went through those old mcgill transfer forums for past years and seems like transfer is very competitive, and they release the results very late. I was just worried. What programs are you applying for? Would u mind to share your gpa? Thanks!

hi!!! omg im so glad to see someone in the same boat as i am LOL i have been obsessing and reading old forums on reddit and anywhere else about transfers too and it’s SO DISCOURAGING LOL it makes me nervous because of the whole “transfers are accepted exceptionally on the basis of space available” thing on mcgill’s website! Ive always studied in Montreal, so I went to CEGEP. I then studied Teaching French as a Second Language at University of Montreal last fall, but decided to change career paths. I’m applying for Arts at Mcgill to do Gender, Sexuality, Feminist and Social justice Studies and potentially Social Entrepreneurship. My cegep grades were decent (R score of 28.78), and im confident that if i had applied to mcgill after graduating cegep, they wouldve accepted me, from what my friends have said. But because of my semester in teaching, i didnt get very good grades… my GPA is only 3.43/4.0 :’( but since i have less than 24 credits in University, Mcgill told me they’ll also look at my cegep grades… hopefully theres space left for me, but im not confident about it :frowning: Right now, im “ready for review”. I also applied at Concordia University in Human Relations (the program sounds great!!!) and would be extremely happy to study there! What about you?? I hope you get in!!! :smiley:

I know right!? Mcgill’s admission is so mysterious and uncertain. I did the same thing, I went through every websites to see my chances. I got so worried after seeing all those past years’ transfers desperately waiting for results and getting rejected with perfect gpa. Your grades are great, and you should be confident. University of Montreal is a great university, i wish i could speak french so i could apply there. Concordia is very nice too, i feel like they have better vibes! LOL. I just love Montreal city in general haha. I’m studying economics at uottawa and I’m applying mcgill for arts and business (heard that chances to get in business is even lower, so i wasn’t giving so much hope about that). I was surprised that mcgill arts has so many program options tho, I’m honestly not sure about my pathway :crazy_face: lol, but all your programs sound interesting. I hope you get in, too!

uni of montreal is a great school! But i want to try studying in english because my brain thinks in english for some reason lol! Yeah… business is competitive! but there are business related programs in arts too! Do you mind sharing your gpa ?? please update us on the forum if you hear anything! :smiley:

Yeah studying business related in Arts, that’s what i have been thinking. My current gpa is 3.9/4.0, including 2 courses with pass grade (non-graded), might ■■■■ it up this semester tho lol. It’s still ready for review for now. I will sure update on here if i hear any changes.

thats a great gpa!!! you shouldnt worry this much omg!!! :joy: