McGill Transfer (2021 Fall)

That’s amazing! I’m just finding this thread now, and I’m so glad I did. I’ve been trying to find information about international transfers on Reddit and I can’t find anything. I’m an international student at the Australian National University, and I applied to Arts. My only major option while applying was “Undeclared” so that is what I have on my application - did you guys get to put your major of choice on your McGill application while applying? Is this something I should be worried about?

no worries about that! We choose our major after a year i think? But yes on the application we are undeclared :blush: are you still waiting for news?

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Yes! Hoping to hear from them soon because the next semester at the ANU begins in July :grimacing:

I was also wondering if any of you know how to find the international GPA conversions to the McGill scale? I applied with a 6.75/7 GPA on the Australian scale. Some conversion tables tell me that that converts to a 4.0 while others say it’s a 3.83, so I’m unsure when to expect my response

ohh im sorry i only have a quebec universities chart, but not international :(( but both 3.83 and 4.0 gpas are really good!! mcgill is on 4.0, so if you have a 4.0 thats truly amazing hahaha!! i have a 3.43/4.0 which is around B to B+ ish ?

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Ooh, ok thanks! Hoping I hear from them soon then :slight_smile:

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Heya! I’m applying to Arts as well! Im transferring from the Uni of Sheffield in the UK. When did you applying cuz i was worried that since I applied at mid January theyve gave out all the places already. Anyways hope you hear from McGill soon!! xx

Hi! I applied on January 6th. I’ve heard that they take their time getting back to transfer students, but I hope that both of us hear soon so we can organize visas and things…it’s kind of hard to transfer internationally in the last minute :confused:

I know :frowning: apparantly we have to sort out our student visa by 15/5 or else there’s no guarantee that we’ll get the visa before semester starts. May I ask whereabouts are you from btw?

I’m remotely studying at an Australian university! Applied from Chile but currently living in the US.