McGill Transfer (2021 Fall)

I applied like a week after applications opened and i dont remember applying for a course specifically. If I got put on the waitlist does that mean they’ve accepted everyone they plan to yet? They made it sound like that in the letter they sent me about about the decision.

@okcry so when i called service point today they told me that they really only accept transfers case by case and when theres availability. They told me that they reject applicants they don’t want and have the competitive applicants in ready for review or waitlist until they have space. So I don’t think they’ve accepted everyone they plan to yet or at least that’s how the service point rep made it sound. Best of luck to you!!

thank you for the information! I’ve got my fingers crossed that we get accepted !

Hi does anyone have any updates? I’m an international freshman transfer from a college in the U.S. with a 4.0 gpa. Applied to arts and science and still at RFR.

I got rejected by arts and science and got a decision pending for arts

The status literally changed yesterday

My status just changed to Further Review Required. Arts requested my hs transcript and science requested both hs transcript and ap scores (which I’ve never heard of them doing). Hope you receive good news for your decision pending for arts!!

So good to see this thread…
I sent my application just before the deadline and got waitlisted one day ago.
Feeling panic right now.
I’m the first year international student from Canadian university applying to McGill’s science program with GPA 3.78/4 (or 8/9)
Hope I still have chance to be accepted…