Meal Plans

<p>Can I get advice as to what meal plan options you found to be the best. I will live in Manzanita if that matters. I was thinking of the plan with two meals a day and money on the sun card for breakfast or snacks. Did you find you had the time or desire to go eat breakfast with an eight o'clock class? I also thought about having all the money on the card without a meal plan, but would I be allowed in the dining hall without an actual plan? It seems the dining hall would be a good social time. Where is the best place to eat?</p>

<p>You can pay with your sun card for dining hall access but it is obviously more expensive than having a meal plan.</p>

<p>I had the all M&G meal plan last year and I really liked it. You're still allowed to use it at the dining hall, instead of telling them meal plan, you tell them you have M&G and they'll just subtract the cost of the meal from your total. It all really depends on your eating habits though. Do you always eat meals at a certain time and will eat 2 meals a day everyday? Then that plan would fit. But otherwise, it's nice to not have to worry about wasting meals because you are sick of dining hall food and having the freedom to eat your meals at the MU with your M&G.(I got sick of it by the end of the semester)</p>

<p>About eating breakfast before an 8am really depends on the person. I found that it was easy to get up early to eat breakfast before an early class for the first few weeks of school but after that, I would much rather get an extra half hour of sleep than go eat breakfast!</p>

<p>By the way, Manzy Square breakfast is really good...great omlets! :)</p>

<p>I used an M&G plan all three years I lived on campus. My schedule usually didn't lend me the time to sit and eat at the dining hall for every meal. So, having the ability to grab something quick at the MU, devil's diner, or various markets was nice. Last year they put in a Subway at Hassayampa that takes M&G, so I went there often. It's really how your schedule works out, and the type of plan your friends have too. If everyone else you know has meals, then you'll probably be joining them a lot at the dining halls. And I agree with sakalr, Manzy is the best one for breakfast during the weekends.</p>