Mean Girls 2

<p>Tonight, "Mean Girls 2" is premiering on ABC Family. Any thoughts on what you might expect from the movie? I personally think that NOTHING can beat the original Mean Girls. (: I love Lindsay Lohan.</p>

<p>It looks terrible.</p>

<p>I’m watching anyway.</p>

<p>Sequels ALWAYS suck. I don’t understand why they decided to put it on TV. The movie itself could have been a box office hit (no matter how bad) if they had just hired better actors.</p>

<p>Didn’t they hire Disney channel stars?</p>

<p>i just found out about it. no joke, like 1 minute ago. so excited!</p>


<p>Judging by the trailers that I have seen, I am assuming that this movie will be a disgrace.</p>



<p>The Godfather II?
Back to the Future Part II?</p>

<p>This looks so dumb. It’s not even Mean Girls.</p>

<p>it’s corny as hell</p>

<p>They’re ruining the best movie of my lifetime.</p>

<p>^it REALLY did -_-
I watched the first 10 minutes then changed the channel. how dare they?</p>