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Trying to find MD application process and find out the chances or my D . Appreciate if you post the link. Thanks in advance

Most recent info from AAMC; the whole website is worth reviewing:

@florida789 I’m going to stick my neck out here. I don’t think “chances” for medical school admissions is easy to do.

If your daughter wants to apply to medical school, she needs to figure out the process, not you. If she is smart enough to potentially go to medical school, she should be able to figure out the process.

If her undergrad school has advising for med school applicants, she should talk to them


Stop looking at med school rankings.

Also consider the cost. Are you willing to see your kid have $500,000 in debt with med school costs and living expenses for four years?

Florida is a financial win plus she has guaranteed acceptance


You’re not going to find what you’re looking for because it doesn’t exist.

Medical school chances are available on a macro-scale (generalized statistics based on tens of thousands of applicants), but not an individual level.

The medical schoolmate mission process is holistic and cannot be boiled down to GPA X + MCAT score Y = admission.

Plus there is the added complexity that every medical school has its own unique mission and every school is looking for different qualities in its applicants. The successful applicant no only has to fit the mission of the school, but also be among the those who best fit that mission in the entire nation.

There is simply no way to predict how a particular individual will fare in the admission process at a particular school. (Partly because there is no way to know who your daughter’s competition is for those scarce med school seats or how she stacks up against all those 10,000 other applicants.)

Besides, your daughter already has a GUARANTEED admission to med school through her BA/MD program.