Meltdown: Three Mile Island

Anyone else watching? Growing up in the 10 mile radius, we experienced every minute of this. DH and I are 5 episodes in; so many memories and anger came flooding back.

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What streaming service is that on? I remember watching it on the news. Maybe I shouldn’t watch it as we now live a few miles from a nuclear plant. Actually, I really don’t worry about the plant…much.

It’s on Netflix; I actually live closer to a plant now than I did to TMI then. After living through that, nothing phases me :joy:

My husband and I just watched this and were astonished at how close it came to melting down.

I remember going to see “The China Syndrome” with my then-boyfriend the day the TMI incident was announced in the press. A local newspaper reporter was there and asked us if we were seeing the movie because of TMI.

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