created this thread to keep track of applications. Please indicate if you applied EA/ED and domestic/international and any other information… Created this thread because not a lot of thread of Mercer University compared to other schools.

My daughter got her acceptance letter today. She got a 20K per year scholarship offer and an invitation to the scholarship weekend. We are very excited to visit (and now have an affordable option on the table)… She also applied to Georgia Tech (her dream school), FSU, UF, Tulane and UM. Not sure whether she applied EA or ED-- I thought admissions were rolling at Mercer. Spplied in either microbiology or BME, and was interested in southeastern schools that offered both.

that’s lovely, what was her stats and GPA?

oh I’m planning on rolling admission

@LTG ^^^

She has quite good stats I think. 1520 SAT, 4.0 un-weighted GPA. Pretty solid high school EC’s, although she has never founded an orphanage or cured cancer (yet). She is a real kid. I hope that counts for something at the scholarship weekend :slight_smile:

I got accepted earlier this month (EA, in-state). It seems like a good choice but I still applied to other schools. I really like the campus though.

Just got my acceptance letter today, along with an institutional award of $18k a year. I wish I had been able to go to the Scholarship Challenge, I had been signed up but had to cancel. With out more scholarship money I wouldn’t be able to justify Mercer over a Florida school as a Florida Academic Scholar. That BF is hard to beat.

@annabanabelle …What was your GPA abd Sat score.

@SimplySydney …What was your gpa and sat score?