I was admitted RD at the University of Rochester but I didn’t receive any merit aid. I applied by the priority scholarship deadline and I had an interview. I am confused by this as I have received 20,000 - 30,000 from other schools in merit aid. Should I appeal?

Here are my stats:
ACT composite: 33, english: 35, math: 30, reading: 32, science: 35
SAT Subject tests math 2: 740, bio m: 700
10 APs
3.99 uw GPA
class rank: 36/400

Flute (first chair in top orchestra, won an award at a music festival)
Volunteering at the hospital
Teaching a 4th grader to play flute

Girls Who Code
Coding internship

You can certainly try, but be aware that if they do give you more they will likely decrease the financial aid you received (if you did). My daughter did this two years ago, got a pittance in merit aid, really, and then they reduced her financial aid. So her net increase was like $1500.

some schools give a lot of aid and some do not, if you have other options take them, I doubt they will up you aid any tangible amount.

@taverngirl you should specify whether you mean grants, loans, or work study. They generalize this all as “financial aid”, but the only real “discount” on expenses is scholarships and grants.

Even if you get merit aid, it will reduce your need and your total aid will likely stay the same. It’s a scam.

Correct. We applied for some special merit program, spent time and money traveling to Rochester for the interview. Only to find out that the merit aid did not reduce our net cost one penny. Any trying to talk to the financial aid representatives is like talking to a wall. They can’t do a thing for you.