Merit aid?

We are an OOS student from CA- we applied to CU Boulder which I know will not give us any aid - wondering if Colorado State gives any good merit aid?

Colorado State participates in WUE.

What is WUE?

WUE Is the Western Undergraduate Exchange where participating universities give instate or close to instate tuition for residents of western states (including CA). You can find more info here:

Other merit aid info is on their website - I don’t know how prevalent OOS merit aid is there outside of the WUE:

WUE tuition is usually 150% of instate tuition. Fees are not covered, just the tuition. Many schools limit the number of recipients or the majors.

Ok thank you. So when and if they accept you I assume they let you know what the tuition is?

I was given WUE tuition when I was accepted. With WUE, tuition alone is about $20,000 per year.

Has anyone had luck getting more than the original merit aid offered by Colorado State? I know some schools will ‘discuss’ - others flatly will not. :slight_smile:

I’m wondering why the threads on CSU are quiet? :smile: We are flying out to visit in a few weeks (daughter loves U of CO Boulder but it’s pretty pricey). Hoping CSU is a fun, vibrant place…!

I just visited CSU with my son. He liked it quite a bit more than Boulder.

Great to hear!

Has anyone applied to the honors program? Due date is today. Daughter is hiking and asked me to check for her - cannot find any info on the portal! Appreciate any thoughts very much!!

I know this is a few days late but my daughter applied to the honors program and was accepted. She didn’t find the application very difficult but there were essays that needed to be written for it.

Thanks, goldmanaz. D decided not to apply. Wants to give herself the best chance of high gpa for grad school during undergrad years. I can’t necessarily argue although would love to see her with a group of academic peers in honors program…