Merit $ at Trinity Collge

Trinity’s list price is about 72k whch is pretty steep given its location. Can anyone speak to what sort of merit aid may be available? Other schools are offering my kid about 50% off so I’m curious if Trinity is that generous or not. Thanks!

Most of Trinity aid is need based aid.

From their website…they have a VERY small merit fund, and these scholarships are small.

Our EFC was basically $0; but my daughter still got a decent amount from Trinity (close to $30K). I was very surprised. But she applied ED. I guess you get the most if you apply ED, but i am not an expert. She accepted and is going next year. Trinity was her #1 choice.

BTW she loved the campus.


I’m confused…I thought trinity pledged to meet full need for all accepted students. You must have something on your Profile that indicates you can pay the balance.

The total cost of attendance at Trinity is $70,000 a year…or so. That $30,000 they gave you, leaves you with a $40,000 balance to pay…with a $0 EFC? How can that be?

Something isn’t quite right with your story, and numbers.

From their website:

You are right. I wrote too fast and by mistake I didn’t include the correct number. Our EFC was basically $70K.

That is the reason I was surprised, because I was not expecting any $$.

Any chance you have two kids in college next year?

Are you self employed?

I’d want to be sure that award is accurate…if it’s a need based award. It would be very annoying to find that they made a calculation error!

Trinity College is extremely generous to those with financial need. Other than that they seek highly qualified academic candidates and get them. No surprise that there really isn’t merit aid. Like Amherst, Williams and Wesleyan and other NESCAC schools.