Merit Money on WL

Does anyone know if a student comes off a wait list are they offered merit/talent money?

My D came off a number of waitlists last year; merit/talent awards were a mixed bag. She ended up at a school with 0 financial aid (SUNY Purchase). We are not NY residents and were told she may be eligible for some fin aid after her first year. We did discuss awards (or lack thereof) with the schools (starting with the theatre dept) when she came off the lists.

Does your D like it at SUNY Purchase? My D is on the waitlist this year.

@ThespDad17 She loves it and is thriving. If your D has specific questions, I can put her in touch with my D!

@artskids Thank you very much! Let me ask her. My D is scheduled to visit Purchase in a couple of weeks.

My daughter was accepted off of two wait lists. NYU gave her no money. Pace gave her over $20k per year in merit scholarships.

The answer to your original question will thus depend on the school. In the case of NYU admission is combined – it is based on both your auditions and academics. Thus, the wait list shows that you weren’t in the top of their overall acceptances. Pace, however, has separate academic and audition decisions. That means that students are accepted academically first, and then accepted (or not) into audition programs. If my daughter had not been accepted off the BFA wait list, she could have gone for another major such as arts administration, because of her academic acceptance. At NYU she would not have had that option.

So, I would suggest contacting the school to find out. Don’t be shy; this is an important question and one that I am sure they have heard many times.