Merit money

My daughter will be applying to Bryn Mawr. I see on their webpage that they award merit money. We are from NY, 1540, 3.9 unweighted average, top 5-10% of her class. Would anyone be willing to share their stats and merit amount? Without merit money, it is not likely she would attend even if accepted.

D. received $25K merit plus generous financial aid. 34 ACT, 3.9 uw, top 5%, strong essays, recs, internships.

That’s fantastic! Congratulations cafe9999

I recieved 25k, I had a 32 ACT and 3.95 GPA. However, I think I recieved the award because of my essays and extracurriculars

@silverpurple I received $12k with a 3.7 uw, 3.85ish w and 34 act, and my extracurriculars were pretty decent. Honestly, they give them to the people who they want to study here, and that doesn’t always mean the applicants with the highest stats

If helpful (it’s a few years ago), my D17 received $30k in merit (4.0 uw, 1580 SAT). Strong classics student, mock trial, quirky EC & essay topic (beekeeping).

Does the notifications for merit scholarships come along with acceptance email. My D just got accepted , but didn’t see any info on merit scholarships

@AshStudent yes, if she got a merit award it would be listed in the first paragraph of the acceptance letter

Did anyone who got merit $$ apply ED? Or is it all regular decision?