Merit Scholarships - Class of 2025

Thought I’d start a thread for when people hear back about merit scholarships. They said they’d be out by 1/20. Be great if we could see stats with amount given. Curious how much different this year will be then past years because of test optional.

Would also love to see any stats from past students who received different scholarships. Thanks !!

Anyone heard anything ?

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My daughter heard she got the Regent Scholarship ($30,000), yesterday. Her financial aid package was also given (grants and loans).

Congrats! Do you mind sharing her u weighted GPA? Just curious stats of the regents scholarship

She had a 3.95U, I think. Currently her weighted is 4.61.
Applied test optional.
#1 in her class.
History major.
Lots of ec’s…including dancing at her studio for 13 years…dances 11 months out of the year.
Missions trip to Portugal.
650+ service hours in hs. Lots at church and other Christian places.

Just FYI. Just talked to admission counselor and they said ACT/SAT was not considered at all for regent scholarship. My daughter got a 36 on ACT and it was not looked at. Did everyone else know test scores would not be looked at for the scholarship? I never saw it.

No, they actually told us they were going to use ACT/SAT scores for Regent’s and then, at the last moment, decided they would not use them. For us, this felt so dishonest. my d had already taken once and got 1410. Pepp told us she needed to get above 1420 and she would be a lock for Regents. She re-took, got a 1460, they said she was a lock—then went on to deny her Regents because they decided not to take into account standardized tests. Huge deception at the expense of my daughter and her mental health. Disappointing to say the least.