Merit Scholarships

hello, I got my acceptance to adelphi university class of 2020 in early december. I read that applicants will hear of scholarships within three weeks of being accepted to adelphi. So I waited and three weeks have passed. so I decided to email the admissions office to ask about when I would hear of my scholarship information. the admissions officer replied saying that my file shows that I was not recommended for a scholarship. I was kind of shocked as i thought that i would have received at least some amount of money as i Have a 3.9 gpa and a sat score of 1250/1600 and 1870/2400, a good amount of ECs. i just wanted to know the stats of persons accepted to adelphi who received scholarships. so if anyone who has gotten merit scholarships is reading this could you please post your gpa, sat/act along with the amount of scholarship money

@anmargen Hey! Wow, that’s really weird. Your SAT score and GPA are pretty good, so I’m surprised that they didn’t give you any scholarship money. Did you write a good essay and have good grades, volunteer hours, nice recommendation letters, etc.? Any bad things on your transcript? I had a 3.5 GPA and 1600 SAT and got $11,000 per year. It’s not a lot but it’s at least something! I would think that you’d get even more. If you haven’t already, you should ask them to take another look at your application.

[Adelphi[/url] offers need based grants and merit scholarships. However, their [url=<a href=“”>]financial aid page]( indicates that the number of scholarships for international students is limited. You may want to try posting on the international forum to see what kind of aid other international students received.

Thank you all for the feedback
I emailed my admissions officer about it and she said that they would reconsider me and two weeks later I was awarded the presidential scholarship for 24k and the math-science initiative award for 2000 for a total of 26000 per year so Adelphi is now definitely a viable option for me now

@anmargen WOW!!! I wish I got that much money! You’re so lucky! Lol I don’t know if you’ll choose Adelphi, but if you do, let me know! I’d be glad to help you with anything :slight_smile: