merit scholarships?

Does anyone know/have experience with merit scholarships (particularly for OOS students)?

Someone posted that late February/early March is the notification period for need-based financial aid. Would merit/talent awards be announced then, too?

Does anyone know the average merit award?

You can Google the Common Data Set to find the average merit award for most schools.

Thanks @intparent – however, I was unable to locate a Common Data Set for this school. They do have a college fact book but it does not list the average merit award. That’s why I posted here. :slight_smile:

College data has some info:

11.7% received merit, average amount around $2,700

Thank you, @intparent !

My co-worker’s son got a full ride scholarship (OOS). My understanding is that there are 2 per year.

@OrangeFish Got this response from admissions: " Financial Aid award letters will go out to accepted applicants in late March. If you are offered a merit-based scholarship from the School of Filmmaking, it will be included on the award letter. "

Thanks for the info, @twoinanddone and @FilmLove!

I did find the 2018-2019 Common Data Set here:

That data is interesting. Thanks. I find it odd about their documentation that 0 kids completed the program in 4 or 5 years. I know that is wrong. At least for drama all kids graduate in 4 years as it is such a prescribed program. No wiggle room.

Am i reading the data incorrectly?

I read it that way, too, @bfahopeful – in row E on page 4 of the CDS. It looks odd. It also does not match the College Fact Book numbers on page 12.