Message for all the CAP kids

<p>Well first of all, I'm sucks. One year ago, I logged into my UT status check to see that evil acronym staring back at me. I was pretty ****ed off to say the least. I had gotten into a bunch of other schools, even a few that might be considered on par or better than UT (Wake Forest, U Florida, UGA, UW Madison, McGill, U Toronto, McMaster, Queens, University of Western Ontario). After I saw that I was CAP'd, I began to seriously consider my other options. After visiting a couple of the place, I came to the conclusion that I'm a Longhorn. Both my parents are UT alumni and I was raised to cheer on Bevo and hate A&M (and I do). Ultimately I decided that UT was my dream school, and if I had to take a detour to get there, so be it. </p>

<p>Now here was the hard part. I HATED telling people that I was going to UT Arlington. I found it embarrassing, I mean it's not the best school. When told people that I was going to UTA, it made me cringe a little. Once I got here, my opinion of the school changed a lot. The dorm I stay at here is MUCH nicer than any dorm that I'll ever stay at when I go to UT. Also, believe it or not, not everyone here is really stupid. I've met plenty of friends here that are much smarter than me and choose to go to UTA because of financial reasons or because they just love the place. Some of the professors here are absolutely great. There are some classes that I sit in on sometimes even though I'm not enrolled just because the professor's lectures are so great. That being said, some professors make me want to take a nap, but that's something you'll find at any school. The biggest problem facing UTA is the fact that so many of the students here commute. While this really bothered me at first, what I found out is that it almost helps the campus develop a more tight knit feel because you run into the same people that live on campus all the time. On weekends there's usually a party if you know where to look, or if you feel like blowing a bunch of cash, you can have a fun night in Dallas (15 minutes away). Because UTA is so close to Dallas, I've had the opportunity to work a great internship. Also, I also got involved with the newspaper here and I went from NEVER writing for a newspaper in any capacity to being published once a week. When I came here I met lots and lots of people that were involved in the CAP program, and of those, I only know a handful that are going to Austin. For the most part, this isn't because they couldn't make the GPA, but because they just enjoy life at UTA. It really isn't all bad (SHOCK! HORROR!). </p>

<p>Basically this is my long version of telling you that the CAP program isn't that bad of an option. Right now I have a great GPA, great friends, and I'm going to be right where I want to be in Austin in a few months. If UT is really your dream school, I suggest that you don't settle for your #2 choice. I'm sure a lot of you are concerned about "wasting" your first year of college, but I definitely wouldn't consider this year a waste. If you have any questions, I'd be more than happy to answer them for you. I know this time last year, I would have really liked to have someone answer some questions for me.</p>

<p>I just want to say, that is one of the nicest, most well meaning posts that I have read in a long time..</p>

<p>I'm sure the cap kids will be glad to read it. I'm going to print it out to give to my son to show his friends who are on the fence about doing the cap year. It may help them with their decision.</p>

<p>Thanks for this post :)</p>

<p>I honestly wouldn't worry where you spend your first two years at as long as you eventually transfer to where you want to go. Who cares what other people think? You aren't getting your degree there anyway.</p>

<p>You're right Hi-Power. In the world of CC, everything's pretty much a name brand. I wish someone would just snap these kids out of it. I'm glad you enjoyed my post ag, hopefully it will help your son's friends out.</p>

<p>I wish some of my friends' parents would read this and let them go to UTSA. Instead they're all going to Texas State (nothing against Texas State)</p>

<p>bump...even though this thread will get deleted by the moderators here because they are by all accounts, insane. Please don't delete this, it is a well meaning post and it's intended to genuinely help people. Seriously look in the mirror and consider what the hell you're doing before you delete this post that I would have KILLED to have access to when I was trying to gain information on the CAP program at the end of my senior year. </p>

I wrote this last year and I'm currently a sophomore in the College of Communication at UT. I was accepted as a transfer student after my CAP year UTA to the communication schools at Syracuse, UNC, BU and Emerson. I was also somehow accepted to Rice University in Houston. I know the CAP program seems like a major drag, but if you work hard, it's not impossible to get where you want. If UT is truly, unequivocally the school you want to attend, I say go for it, because two years later, I do not regret my decision to follow through with the program at all. If you have any questions, I'd love to answer them as long as this thread is still up.</p>

<p>Hey OP thanks for the post, I am definitely on the fence about CAP and it's making me really hate myself for not working harder in HS (capped with a 1540/1600 SAT). I'm just wondering though, how much did you end up paying for UTA, and what scholarships are available? 4 years of UT would put me around 30k in debt, so I'm a little antsy about turning down full rides from UTD or LSU, lame as they may be...</p>

<p>thisisdavid: Well, I had worse all around stats than you and I got 4k in scholarships and grants to UTA. I think the tuition for me was around 2.5k for the year.</p>

<p>Glad it worked out for you, but I would advise everyone who got capped to go to Texas A&M or Baylor if they got accepted to either of the 2. If the only remaining options are Tech, SMU, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, or TCU, its a judgment call. Any school lower on the totem pole than that, and I'd say do CAP.</p>

<p>Good stuff, I am also thinking about UTSA. I like the prospect of being guaranteed into UT, and I also like the prospect of transferring to even better schools than UT(but still having the guarantee in my pocket, peace of mind). </p>

<p>thisisdavid...I can't believe you got CAPed with your SAT.</p>

<p>What "better schools" do you think will care if you get a 4.0 at a glorified junior college?</p>

<p>well for one thing UT will care, because they put no consideration in what school you transfer from. You can transfer from Stanford to UT and if you have a 3.4 you aren't going to get in over a 4.0 at a "junior college"</p>

<p>I want to get into McCombs</p>

<p>Seriously, what's your deal Vyse?</p>

<p>You are a bitter Aggie that had a bad experience and has thus taken it upon himself to try to deter every potential student from going to UT. Get over yourself. You have absolutely no basis for anything you say.</p>

<p>I was IN the program. I went through with it. I got a 4.0 at a "glorified junior college" and got accepted to MUCH "better schools" as a transfer. You have no idea what you're talking about and it's asinine to spread your resentment to others for nothing. </p>

<p>This whole p*nis envy thing that A&M has for UT gets real old. If someone wants to go to UT, it's possible to do the CAP program and then transfer into a competitive school at UT. I did it. I know other people that did it. Is it easy? No. But it's possible. It's also possible to transfer to good schools from your CAP school if you get a good GPA. I'm not saying this from presumption, I'm saying this from experience and if you don't believe me, I'll paste the emails from the schools on here. </p>

<p>If a person isn't set on UT, then by all means go where you want, but the CAP program isn't as awful as it sounds. I know SEVERAL people much smarter than me that ended up staying at UTA for no other reason than they liked it. Once I came to UT, I didn't start over, I had other friends in the CAP program as well as students I already knew at the University. Please stop dispensing advice with no basis. I'm sorry you had a bad experience, but there's no reason for it to still be tearing you up now. </p>

<p>Robert Frost said it best "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on" </p>

<p>Go and enjoy your life/college experience and stop spreading your bitter hate on college messageboards on topics you are not familiar with.</p>

<p>THANK YOU</p>

<p>Agree with OP. My Decathlon coach told me what she always tells kids who got CAP-ed:</p>

<p>Ask yourself this. Is UT your #1 top choice, beyond a shadow of a doubt? If you have ANY reservations, then decline the CAP. If you are 100% certain Austin is where you want to be, take the CAP, work hard to get that 3.2 GPA at UTSA, UTA, wherever, and transfer to UT the next year.</p>

<p>Im not bitter. I pop my head in like once a year because I feel like Im doing others a service by advising them to think twice about accepting the CAP.</p>

<p>thisisdavid, how in jesus' name were you capped with such a high SAT? (O_o)</p>

<p>Vyse thats really just not cool at doing that your just making a&m look going to a&m and i have the utmost respect for anyone going to UT or working their hardest at getting were they want to be......for everyone else dont use Vyse as an example of A&M...</p>

<p>^ Hopefully you get in touch with the A&M writing center a.s.a.p.</p>

<p>CantTouchThis, you are giving us a great example of the class and pride that I've always seen in the Aggies I know.</p>

<p>Yes, we may joke about one another, and we may play hard on the field, but truth be told TAMU and UT are two of the three best schools in Texas and a degree from either will get someone far.</p>

<p>You guys are the most annoying opposing fans ever, but you have the most tradition and school spirit of any college in the country. The first first time I heard the "Aggie War Hymn" being sung by the Aggie section at a UT-TAMU baseball game at Disch-Falk, it gave me chills. Still the only song besides the "Eyes of Texas" that's done that too me.</p>


<p>This post is something I think that all CAP recipients should read. It should ease your mind a bit and could perhaps change your mind about the CAP program and realize that it's not so bad after all :)</p>